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sophwq2012 : The uncertainty of the economy is causing lack of investment. Obama is more interested in campaigning for misery programs and taxes than investment that has an ROI.

Why does Obama think debt at 100% of annual GDP is good for America? I can only conclude that he and the left are trying to destroy the country for some new deal or great society programs.
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tiesiachush : The Democrats war on fun and their war on tax payers is killing me.
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AttAsenew : Some think they may be trying to collapse the economy in order to rebuild it in a new socialist image, one step towards a new world order that so many on the left desire. Libbies love the idea of one world government,
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marcene0c : And yet, 90% of Americans are employed. Get a job, you bitter conservative clown.
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Easereoda : possibly. very possible.
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dombabrarturo : First. I don't see any sources

Second. Most of our debt we inherited under Bush.

how do you explane that?
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porvfdyseo : They have a damn good start on it.
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EpildKitillek : I think your already miserable...

The economy is going up, the price of oil is going down.

Don't let a smile crack your face now.
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LodiniBof : well they will try that is for sure..
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jcgpice557 : Just say it flat-out. that's how I get by. Leftists are inflating the dollar, crashing and burning our country. Some prominent figures, namely one in particular, has his head screwed on so backwards that he can't figure out that to CUT the national debt, you have to spend LESS. Not more. Not cheat by raising the ceiling. Because he doesn't care what happens to America, so long as it doesn't happen on his watch.
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