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butTeallbah : I am a student and will graduate this year In HRMG , I am looking to open some business that will not need much investment and have scope in Australia. Can some one suggest me on this.

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Sleedeetmesee : Such as currencies, market index, interest rate derivatives... whether short or long, how long do they normally hold on average for speculation purposes?
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Artfooter : Stat Arb positions might last seconds. Convertible Arb positions could span years.

There is a vast spectrum of investment strategies and market conditions, so there is no typical holding period.
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StoomyTog : Balance Sheet
Oct. 31, 2010
--Cash - $180,000
--Accounts Receivable - $102,000
--Supplies - $9000
-Total Assest = $291,000

--Accounts Payable - $46,200
Owners Equity:
--Capital - $244,800
-Total L/OE = $291,000

Balance Sheet
Nov. 30, 2010
--Cash - $306,000
--Accounts Receivable - $117,375
--Supplies - $7,500
-Total Assets = $430,875

--Accounts Payable - $49,800
Owners Equity:
--Capital - $381,075
-Total L/OE = $430,875

Determine the amount of net income for November, assuming that the owner made no additional investments or withdrawals during the month.

Determine the amount of net income for November, assuming that the owner made no additional investments but withdrew $37,500 during the month.
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DjoMalyshev : I want a kind of mature looking room, nothing too girly (pink). I love all my clothes, shoes, and jewelry and I know my brands. I want it to be sort of a fashionista's kind of room, I know I want a white door, with wooden floors, I want the light to be captured in the room, so basically light, or neutral colors. I'd like to have white and black pictures on the walls and such.
The room in the picture is something I don't mind, but its just to get a sense of what I am talking about.
I also like the feel the first picture gives off,
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jajidmeu : Great thinking, i like it.
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brilsBuri : where can i buy diamond supple co in soho, or like close to east broadway. and where can i buy stussy clothes ._. would really appreciate if u help me ty. and i'd be very happy if u give me an adress for it
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SpovaInnope : I don't live in soho but since Diamond Supply became more popular recently, you can find it at zumiez or pacsun, which are pretty popular stores. If you have an Urban Outfitters near you, you'd probably be able to find Stussy there too. And if you still can't find any of those brands, there's always online shopping!
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