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Allegedig : I had a friend from community college who was really nice and friendly. However, she did have her dark side - manipulative. Well, anyways I talked to her the other day, and she invited me to her graduation but wasn't very specific (mention two dates and think I might have to study). I asked if she can email me more information. I decided to email her anyways to ask her for information about the event (date, time, tickets) and it has been 3-4 days and she hasn't replied back.

Now, I am pretty convince that day that my instinct was correct (she in not interested in being my friend and think she above me bc I am no longer accept her terms or her lead). It sad that someone who will get her degree in finance could change to be more arrogant in such a short time. I also understand that we are drifting in different direction. I am going into construction management and her is into investment. She knew me for 4 years and didn't know that I had a 3 year niece. She clearly doesn't owe me anything or vice verse; however, I think of the time I did help her to get student government position. I think in term that you should never bit the hand that feed you or at the very least act you are better than them. It weird if I say when I did meet up with her last time, she mention how another coworker/classmates doesn't have respect for her (I sent insecure underneath her style and attitude changes).

I learned to move on but I don't know if I should be sad or happy. I just know that I will never act like I am better than the hand that feel me or anyone else. To get respect, I think you have to earn it and give respect to other people.

So should I be happy or sad that I learned a lesson from this?
My apologize for the couple mistakes. bite* feed*
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songfeng607 : People change. that's all you need to know.
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Pusakates : just get new friends, its no big deal
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HiveGragree : happy that you've gained some life experience, friends come and go at your age, don't worry about it, she just needs to grow up, and perhaps she will one day. You've matured and gown up, she hasn't. People change
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inermainfom : do managers of hedge funds go on business trips?
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ScefeBloock : I think yes :)
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joncooperst : Yes they have to visit clients and check on their investments.
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kViktuk : Yes. They can't get all that good inside information just over the phone.
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tevatriaday : What are hedge funds? What is their purpose? are they moral or immoral?
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oxpahakhua : Tthe diamond is in.the middle. Theres a shorter side of the hoop ? someone help please !
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