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yughkygsrlxh : 27. Each of the events below may have an effect on the statement of cash flows. Designate how the event should be reported within the statement of cash flows using the codes provided below. Codes may be used more than once, or not at all. (20 pts)

A.Investing activity; cash inflow
B.Investing activity; cash outflow
C.Financing activity; cash inflow
D.Financing activity; cash outflow
E.Operating activity; cash inflow
F.Operating activity; cash outflow
G.Noncash investing and financing activity


_____1.Issued checks for the weekly payroll

_____2.Paid an account payable

_____3.Issued bonds payable for cash

_____4.Declared and paid a cash dividend

_____5.Paid cash for a new car for a traveling salesperson

_____6.Purchased treasury stock for cash

_____7.Paid cash for 40% interest in another company

_____8.Received interest on a long-term bond investment

_____9.Converted bonds payable into common stock

_____10.Sold a long-term stock investment for cash at book value

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opponoNaise : 1. F
2. F
3. C
4. D
5. B
6. D
7. B
8. E
9. G
10. A
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pronmereTef : 1-F, 2-F, 3-C, 4-D, 5-B, 6-B, 7-B, 8-A, 9-G, 10-A.
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cdavidw : Currently I have about $130,000 in Vanguard Intermediate Term Tax Exempt Fund.

Should I convert some of it into Vanguard Short Term Tax Exempt Fund?

If so how much or what percent would you recommend.

This is in a regular account.

Reason I'm thinking about doing it is increase in interest rates.
I'm 53 years old and plan on investing in bonds and stock funds for at least 10-20 years.
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Tevyemalm : If you think interest rates are going to rise in the near future, then it would probably be a good idea. Theoretically, the rates will go up as inflation rises and/or the FED increases rates.

Do you have to pay taxes if you switch funds?

Likely all bonds are overpriced right now. Even the head of PIMCO does not like U.S. debt right now.
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GuttwersBeefs : What are hedge funds? What is their purpose? are they moral or immoral?
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GVgayle : Heres my dress:

My Shoes:

I need help with hair, jewelry, and make up (:

(My First Homecoming)
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Cryclorgo : As you can see ^ my dress is a cream/ivory dress with added sparkles through fabric. On the only one sleeve there is a light see through fabric with diamonds and some pearls attached on not too many pearls but a couple it's reall hard to find shoes with this dress will you please out suggestions, and please help with shoes located at a belks, jcpenny, or dillards! Thank you so much and I will prbably ask another question about the shoes so I can put another pic, but I got a pair of shoes that are a nudish color but they are a little darker than the dress please help, thank you!
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