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Gary_alarygosy : Have applied for investment banking at Reading's ICMA centre, and business and finance at sussex, which choice is better?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feessicleda :
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necladatio : Okay. So my friend is in a band and there's this other band that they played with a couple of times. I met him at a Relay for Life(cancer fund raiser) and I've seen him at one of his gigs. But when I met him my friend like this completely different guy. Well we added each other on facebook and I kinda flirted and we exchanged numbers. Well I asked her today how old he was (I wasn't sure) and this is how our convo went:
me:Hey how old is "dave" (not his real name lol)
her:Oh hes 16 why?
me:He started talkin to me:)
her:Ahhh I like him so much!!!
me:Are you serious? Would you be mad if I flirted with him?
her:I kinda would lol
me:I thought you liked "bob"?
her:I'm over him i havent talked to him in a like month
me:oh ok.

Then she asked me to ask him if he liked her. But she ended up telling me not to. I've been trying to get over this other guy (for years ive liked him for like 6?). And I never found some else that I was attracted to. And I finally find "dave". I don't know what to do. For the date and pass thing he put date for me. Ugh. Please help. She never told me she liked him until I told her I kinda liked him today. What should I do?

I was gonna text her

"I really like "Bob" and I know you like him too but I've been liking him since Relay for Life when you still liked "Dave". So I don't want to start any drama or anything but can we just let "Bob" pick? Who ever he chooses (which might not even be either of us lol) and not get mad at each other? Because I actually like this guy and you know I've been trying to forget about my ex for like a year."


ps he knew him b4 me but I liked him first. And yes I have asked this question before.
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spooppils : You two just need to settle this with an old-fashioned pillow fight
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DonaldGT : have a threesome and let him decide whos best
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Estamiloca98 : Heres my dress:

My Shoes:

I need help with hair, jewelry, and make up (:

(My First Homecoming)
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Vophoishbog : I'd go out with a flashy big necklace and a few bracelets. Keep in mind that your shoes are silver so stay in the silver shades.





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VTOVJJ : So I am looking into purchasing latex elf ears sometime in the new future. I have tried searching around the web on how to pierce a latex elf ear, but it only turns up on how to apply the latex ears. I would assume that I would just stick the earrings into where I would want them. But I would hate to waste money and then ruin them by going at it with earrings. So, is there a specific way to pierce them, or can I just have at it and stick earrings in them.
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cealBoisyBole : haha, I totally did this exact same thing two years ago for a Christmas murder mystery party where we all had characters! Just stab it through and go. I had zero complications in the process and the earrings are actually still in the ears to this day lol. Have fun!
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Pawwrercesata : I pierced a silicone sheet with a hot needle which was way easier than trying to stick a blunt earring through it! I just held the tip of the needle in a flame for a bit then pushed it through and swapped it for an earring
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