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phollespase : A company has to choose between two mutually exclusive projects. if it chooses project A it will have the opportunity to make a similar investment in 3 years. However, if it chooses project B, it will not have the opportunity to make a second investment. The cash flows for these 2 projects are as belows. If the company uses the replacement chain(common life) approach, what will be difference between the NPV of project A and B, assuming the projects have WACC 14%

Project A:
year0: -$10000
year1: $7000
year2: $15000
year3: $14000

project B;
year 0: -$40000
year1: $9000
year2: $13000
year3: $12000
year4: $11000
year5; $10000
year6: $9000

In addition, this company is considering a 5 year-project that has a WACC of 12% and NPV of $56489. This company can replicate the project indefinitely. What is the equivalent annual annuity ( EAA) for this project?
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0y6kakseenceby34 : Does this apply to World Bank employees and Diplomatic staff of embassies in the USA?
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veronikamurzich : This is misinformation.

The IRS has had such problems with tax compliance that they recently conducted an amnesty program to get such employees to pay up. The amnesty program did not absolve such employees of haviing to pay tax, penalties and interest. Rather it simplified the process of catching up.

The International Organizations do not perform withholding. It does not make the income tax free. In fact the employees have to pay both halves of the Fica/MC tax.
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gallvoign : I have found unclaimed funds in the state of Ohio in my deceased father's name. I was a minor child at time of death and there was no will. my mom and he were already divorced at time of death. He does have 2 other children but I believe there was a decree to the effect that I was entitled to all benefits at death since I was a minor..Has anyone been through this process and how long does it take? thank you.
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gorodezpup :
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sageseepamb : I want to pierce my left cartilage. I already have my left regulAr pierced. Now I want my cartilage. How can I do it myself and where do I shove the earring in? Lol.
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