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ditdigEnsunda : Hey guys. So basically i bought this 3000gt about a year ago for 3600$ and it has 124k miles. Ive pretty much spent 5000$ rebuilding it because its one thing after another and now i have to pay to replace the power rack which is about a 1000$ investment. Should i call it a loss or do it? i really love the car but i cant keep putting money into it like this. thanks.

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innonryness : Well since it sounds like you are well on your way to getting it restored and if you like the car yeah go ahead and replace it, just remember that you have already spent more on it than you will ever get back from selling it so the decision is yours. I am restoring an 87 samurai I have about 7,000 in it now I had to trailer it home because there was no way it was going to make the 60 miles home it barely even ran. All that is left to do is some exterior light body work and paint, everything else is done pretty much.
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origneeficigo : I got a notice( supposedly) from the International Monetary Fund from Nigeria to stop dealing with anyone in Nigeria who might be holding up my contract payments and deal with them instead. I thought I might ask the IMF office here if they are real as I have my doubts.
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Dreatuiseri : sound like a skam...beware the notoreeus Nigeria skams
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poenceRaipleKip : You are kidding, are you?
The scam is older then McSame and then some.
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Halliepaolo44 : My mother and I are looking into buying a small apartment complex together as an investment property. It would be owner occupied. We have been visiting most with a realtor and a few directly with the current owners.

What are some good questions to ask when looking at these types of properties? What are some things to keep an eye out for when being given a tour of one? Any other helpful hints or tips from realtors, tenants, and current landlords out there?

For reference, most of the places we are looking at are between four and six units and were built around the turn of century. Between 1900-1940, mostly.
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uncentre : I am a girl and I'm 16, I just got my ears pierced but one of them started bleeding through the hole (i don't know why) and so I took it out to prevent infection. It's okay now, but the earring wont go through the hole anymore so I'll have to get it re-done in a few months. But, is it fashionable for a girl to only wear one earring? I know its okay for guys, but what about girls? I don't plan on wearing hoops or anything like that, considering as I'm a bit of a tomboy so I'd only wear studs.
What is your opinion on girls wearing just one earring? Is it fashionable or should I just take it out and get them both re-done in a few months time?

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kashtunica : In my opinion Id get them both redone! because you cant get them pierced through scarred tissue so you would have holes in different places on your ear lobes. Or you could go for the one large hoop and a bandana round your Head Worn like an american! Bring the American Vintage of the 80's back to life!

xx Have fun Deciding xx
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frismavaifede : If one ear is fine, then yes wear a small unmoticable piercing. You dont want it to close up and pierce the same spot. Try to get a piercing in the effected ear to and clean it regularly. The infection will subside and its better than getting it pierced again.
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Gapycrydaydaf : Continue to wear the one earring until you can get the other piercing working. A piercer my be able to get the earring in without having to pierce again.
Although it is fine if you want to wear one, I am a fan of multiples and if you are getting it done again why not get more.
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