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IRRACYMIT : I have pretty good experience with archery but mostly on a shooting range with a weak bow. I recently went to a crossbow/bow store and found out the really nice, advanced compact bows are $800-$1000, which i can't afford, but the traditional hardwood bows are less expensive and actually more intriguing to me. I was wondering if anyone had advice for me before i go back in and ask more about it?

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Easereoda : Some Market experts on TV are clearly expecting a market bottom any day now, clearly some of the have called THE BOTTOM several times already this year LOL. HEY, Even a broken clock is right twice per day, yes? they will be right too one day, or soonish. LOL

Here is my point, most experts agree that a market bottom in the past is always ahead of the economy by several months.

So if projections by the International Monetary fund (IMF) are looking at a 2 year downturn and housing Builders, Realtors are looking at 2 years before the market ceases going down and Ben Bernanke and Paulson are talking in years of recession, one of the worst recessions we will have known, Buffet and Soros are talking years of recession etc.

WHAT justification do the market experts have in even thinking that a bottom is imminently close and in so doing misleading investors into buying.

Clearly there is surely ONE Full Year of the market going down till January 2010 before we can start to re evaluate the market as possibly bottoming out.

I cannot see this Market bottoming until House prices have stabilized and Houses start selling again.

What do you think? 10 Points to the Best argument either way
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ArridoNop : The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached an all time high of 14,164 exactly one year ago. Today, it closed at 8579.

People are in a panic. They see the market drop over 600 points like it did today. And they decide to sell everything because they don't know how much lower it's going to go.

President Bush is going to be speaking at 10AM on Friday, 10/10/08. The 700 billion dollar bail out didn't help. The only thing left is to close the stock market for a few days or more.
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Arrilbotono : I can't see any justification, other than people going by the graph of the last 100 years. But the fundamentals of the economy are different than they were 50, 20 years ago - the problems now are unique and global. I have yet to see one glimmer of good news - that this nation is NOT one of total debt - that our economy isn't debt.

The optimists are going by past numbers, but the logic doesn't make sense. What basis is there to think the economy will improve anytime soon? Perhaps equities will go up eventually - but I can't see any hope in the near future. But most people might ignore that part of your question and say that well it will "eventually" go up, therefore it must mean that VERY SOON, you will see a bottom. They are going by the past numbers, with no foundation, except that maybe they think 100 years is always going to repeat itself by some unknown variable.
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corte2012 : link?
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harbour3730 : He won't do it without getting some tax hikes on the wealthy.
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Sonyncenrogue : Who cares. The ppl that work are rich neocons. America voted for HOPE & CHANGE and that is going to require some selling out and redistribution of wealth
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briantompsenrtyfd : lol. working class people have been soled out since the 80's
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Medicalfave : How stupid do Americans have to be to keep voting back into power the EXACT SAME two parties that are f***ing you up the ol`keester?
Don`t you get it? They are only interested in keeping the Elite elite.
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lowsheews : H already sold us out with that failed spendulus bill. 30 million for a salt marsh mouse... but good news on that, they bought little toy shovels. so, the mice have shovel ready jobs now.

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