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abyrobid69 : and if so why? xo

and also, do you think that we should get rid of the 3 strike rule for offenders? and prisoners shouldn't be given tv and air conditioning when in jail. Do you think they should do hard labour? and if so why? xo

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Creweemaima : Tim Miller is considering suing the Anthony family and her attorneys. Does anyone know of a website that I can make a contribution to a legal fund for them? Tim Miller is one of the most honest, respectable man I've ever seen.
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msveritova : On amazon it says that Yazilind earrings are 1p. I was suprised but could it be a mistake?
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Neenstookem : Syr i need 2 pts
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DalVelmactill : No. Amazon has lots of things for that price. Check out how much postage is. The seller could be getting rid of old stock and making way for new. Amazon is not a scam website. If you have problems with service, contact them.
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appageBak : If it were a scam, it would be a pretty stupid one, as you would only be scammed out of 1p.

Seller might be making the profit on the P&P or clearing out old stock
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2qot54rt74o : They shrunk a lot but it's been a year since I took out jewelry and it hasn't shrank much anymore. The holes are really small and you can't even see through them but I want to shrink them a little more. Is there anyway I can do now or is to late because the lobes already healed all they way?

Btw I had 00 sized plugs when I wore them.
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JanBarend : They may not shrink any more; 0g is generally the max size before the stretching is permanent.
If you can't really see through them, what's the big deal? Mine are stretched to 2+ inches and can't imagine wanting them to shrink down, and I've had them for many years and am in a successful career.
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eralfluethift : I have a cross necklace with the Hallmark reading sb10k. I was wondering if anybody knew what it means. I know I was told its white gold with diamonds, but I'd like to know for sure.
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