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Kecysypecrade : We are about to register in several states to file & pay our sales tax online. When you pay business sales tax online, there is now a question asking if these funds are coming from a foreign bank account? We are located in Canada but ship into, and are registered in, just about every state in the US. Does anyone know if our Canada bank account would be considered a foreign account to the US? Would I have to answer yes for that question? If so, I won't be able to pay online. Any info is appreciated. I'll contact the states as a last resort, they just don't always have the answers. Thanks in advance!

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phollespase : Yes.

You won't be able to pay online.

The online payment process uses the NACHA system which requires Routing Numbers. A bank outside the US would not have a routing number.

One option might be to open a US based bank account, wire the money in to the account from Canada a disburse it to the states from that account.
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Uristtraift : Unless you have a physical presence in the US there is no need for you to collect and render sales taxes in any US state. If you do have a physical presence in any US state, you collect and render sales taxes for shipments to that state ONLY.

Canada is a foreign country from the US perspective, you your Canadian bank is a foreign bank even if it's a subsidiary of a US banking institution.
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drormmubS : The burgundy satin one:

For references, Im 24yo campus student and usually tends to overdress for no particulare reasons. I just love dressing up, I rarely go out in the evening or fancy occasions so its a bit hard to wear my nicer stuff, so I tends to take business wear as inspiration for my outfits, like pencil skirts, pearls, blouses, slacks, blazers etc. This burgundy blouse is a bit dressier than a dress shirt, but do you think its too dressy for everyday wear?

like pairing it with a pencil skirt, tights, knee high riding boots, pearl stud earrings + bracelet and a trench coat or replace the pencil skirt & shoes to slacks and ballet flats, or shorter skirt with ankle booties?
(which are outfits that I usually wear to campus but with a cotton collar shirt & statement earrings, similare to this person wore: . Also, Im not a jeans nor a heel person)
and if people think the the girl in the pic is me. This is me:
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robzinbn : Works fine, I think it looks good. I like dressed up women.
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hNm1uEwl : i would definately say its fine for everyday wear especially if you enjoy that business types look. ityour stayle so dont be afraid to show it off!
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Expopgolf : how would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10
i am asking because my friend says it looks ugly
(it cream on top and silver below)
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Dave.tupastoggep : Depends on where you are wearing it to. It kind of reminds me of toilet paper though.. too plain for me,

My rating is a 4/10
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sageseepamb : depends also what skin type you are... if you have a nice tan... than maybe combine it with some nice golden jewelry.. or something big...otherwise it will look just boring
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