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Appaniadutt : The product has passed the same test previously and is likely to pass again. There are millions and millions of dollars of orders waiting if the product is certified.

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Pakwearce : I'm interested in your product and would be willing to put up the cash.
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crfmnkhufemq : If there are so many orders already waiting, I would think a bank would loan it.
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Pherrystory : Any bank.

If it really is a "sure thing" with orders actually waiting, and your friend has a viable Business Plan that details costs along with minimum & maximum projected revenues, any bank will lend him the money...
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Loasiarog : A bank?
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camarok : I want suggested reading material about day trading and penny stock investment, any good books? Thanks for the help.
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arroraceags : I heard Google knows. Just a rumour.
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upsellweast : Can anyone suggest a few trustworthy online shops from where I can buy some designer jewellery items for my wedding.
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FZRaymond : I make jewelry. And i can custome make them to your specifications. I do glass beads and crystal. Here send me an email if your interested: misshayley603 @ yahoo . com
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depNetSaidava : I'm going to a Disney themed costume party, and me and my friend are going as Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart. What do you guys remember Miley wearing back then? I know I could look it up on Google, but I want to know what you remember, so I actually look like Miley and not just a random country girl :)
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