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Edillcelf : Hey everyone I am curious as to what your suggestions are.. I have a best friend she means the world to me and I couldn't imagine my life without her.. I mean I literally love this woman and her 2 babies are adorable. She is due to get a trust fund of 400,000.00 on her 25th bday which is thursday.. She knows that I am in a very bad financial situation right now with my 2 babies and I am barely making it I can't even see straight I feel like I am at rock bottom with a ton of bricks on top of me.. My boyfriend says I should just ask her if she can help me out a little bit and promise to repay her back, and I would over time make payments to her she could keep a record of it..I would do it just like a loan.. but I dont' want to lose her as my friend by asking.. what should I do.. Would I be wrong to ask? HELP me please I don't want to ask, but I have exhausted all other means.

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Weanceencable : Yes, it would be wrong to ask. You and your boyfriend need to straighten out your own lives.
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enzypsusy : well it would be nice for someone to come along and just offer up some money...expecially when your in a struggle like myself. but truley if she is a best friend she will see to it that your takin care of and have your head above water...
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jiniaSown : if she actually cares about you then she probably will... don't expect your world to change here. 400-thousand isn't much. especially if your friend has a mortgage or other bills to take care of. the best thing for her would be to dump the money into a bond or high yield savings account so she can grow the money.

don't ask for the money right away. Let her do what SHE wants with it first and then very respectfully ask for some help. and do whatever it takes to pay her back.
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Insenoloals : False.

The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech. Your speech and ideas will not be criminalized. There are some exceptions, false speech that causes a panic (yelling fire in a crowded theater, when there is none) or speech that incites riots or violence, or speech that is false that defames someone's character.
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Biliflachitn : Good clear question, thank you. The first Amendment forbids the federal government as worded:
Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. That doesn't restrict the States from any activity in and of itself if it doesn't abridge the freedoms of anyone else.
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Occubrerobe : My piercer didn't have the diameter i wanted for my septum horseshoe so now I'm stuck with a tiny one that hugs my septum and only shows the end balls. I'm going to buy a larger diameter from somewhere else but i just wanna know if professionals are relatively open to changing out a 2 day old piercing. Anyone with past experiences/feedback/answers?
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BabFibShooria : 1. In most cases, yes. They're not as durable (since diamonds are hard) but they are cheaper to replace. My mother has a diamond engagement ring, and whuddaya know...the diamond fell out. It can happen to any ring.
2. Only a jeweler would know. You can't tell by looking at it. If you clean it properly it should stay shiny and beautiful.
3. Etsy. They have a lot of beautiful jewelry and low-cost engagement rings.

Also, look into man-made diamonds. They're harder than cubic zirconia, but still much cheaper than regular diamonds.
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EMPIPSADVERSE : 1) No, CZ does not last as long. Diamond is the toughest substance on earth and it seriously takes a TREMENDOUS amount of force or a damn laser to do any damage to a diamond. The metal part on both will be the same but the CZ will certainly chip easier. Things that might not cause wear and tear on a diamond are much more likely to cause wear and tear on a CZ. Not saying that to disuade you, it is a fact though

2) In my own experiences, the bigger the CZ is, the more it starts to look fake. If you get a well made one though, no one will be able to tell unless they are a jeweler, or you tell them "this is CZ"

3) Etsy has LOTS of alternative engagement rings including CZ. You might also find others you like that are completely different than what you originally wanted, and are still low cost
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novaexate : 1. No, like others have said diamonds are the harder than CZ. But if you loose the stone out of your ring, or damage it, it is pretty cheap to replace

2. No one can tell. Just decide in advance what you will say if someone rude person has the bad manners to ask "Is it real". (I personally only have a wedding band, because a diamond ring was not important to me. I decided that I would rather spend that money building our lives together than on a piece of jewelry. My husband protested at first because of how it would look to other people, be soon realized he wasn't marrying those other people, only me)

3. has and most department stores have them as well.
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