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Poendypyday : Thank you very much for your kind response. I have explored your organization and found your work to be appealing and suit my qualification. In addition, I am truly appreciated your kindness in willing to groom me in the job.

Currently, I earn 30,000 per month plus additional funds such as phone and travel allowance. My salary for XXX was 45,000 per month. Please allow me to request the salary between 35,000-40,000 .

Once again thank you very much for your kind consideration. I am really appreciated your kindness and look forward to hearing from you for the next steps.

Best regards
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nanadokilalo : This sentence should be: In addition, I am truly **appreciative **of your kindness in willing to groom me in the job.
& the last one should say: I really **appreciate your kindness and look forward to...
^^ (:
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Rinopoittanny : I really appreciate your kindness... you switched tenses -- ooo and a comma after 'best regards' ---
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Gymnmoopamb : Thank you very much for your response. I have researched your organization and found your work to be appealing and suitable for my qualifications. In addition, I truly appreciate your willingness to prepare me for the position.

In my current position I earn $30,000 per month in addition to funds such as phone and travel allowances. My total salary for XXX was $45,000 per month. Therefore, I would like to request a new salary between $35,000 and $40,000.

Once again, thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you for the next steps.

Best regards,
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phypewenteeko : There is this recollection I have of the social security fund being tapped to help with a crises. Because the memory is vague yet present, I want to confirm if in fact the fund had been tapped and approx. when.

Thank you
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csyez013 : Rephrase the question "When was the SS fund NOT tapped to solve a debt crises incurred by stupid politicians?" It's been tapped so many time I can't keep up and I've worked here 22 years. PF
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Teceonels : So, I understand that employs women that make beaded glass jewelry, bracelets, and necklaces. I am a little confused about how it works, though. Is it a non-profit for the social good....kind of like Or, is it like the one-for-one model that TOM's uses? What is the story with it exactly? Very interested in learning more because I think their bracelets and necklaces are so beautiful and if it's for a good cause, I'm interested in learning more.
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ebusxjre : I believe it's a silver and platinum mix for the band and the stone is diamond. It looks like it's starting to get tarnished. I thought it was scratched really bad or chipping or something, but i was told that i just needed to clean it. I heard toothpaste works really well. Does anyone know any cheap home remedies for cleaning it? I really appreciate the help. Thanks!
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PoitoProvemog : I really love this color stone and I am not sure if it is a topaz, morganite, sapphire, or created. I got this ring from a company called diamond candles so I am not even sure if the ring or stone is worth anything. Inside the band Thailand is stamped. I took the ring to a jeweler she rudely/quickly looked at it without touching/inspecting it and said it could be a peach topaz even after I told her I plan to buy a engagement ring setting with this stone. I feel she just wanted to make a sale and she could be right. I just want to make sure. So any knowledge of the stone based on the picture is really helpful. Thank you in advance.
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Byhopynep : What a pretty design! I'm not usually a fan of marquise cuts, but the ring pulls it off nicely. That would appear to me to be an Imperial Topaz (I used to sort them for a gemstone importer who had a cutting factory in Brazil). Imperial Topaz ranges from pale peach to a really lovely pink/blush color, but the nicest ones are pinkish with peachy colored flashes inside. Made in Thailand could mean that its been color enhanced (they're known for pulling hijinks like that lol), and I'd double check the gold stamp on the inside shank for either a 10K or 14K mark- those numbers could also show up as 575 or 416 which denotes the purity of the gold. All in all nice find- I think I'll go buy one of those candles now! ;)
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