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HeteHailm : You invest $2,000 at an interest rate that is compounded annually. After 5 years (corresponding to the 6th term of the compound interest sequence), your principal has increased to $2,262.82. What percent is the interest rate? Round to one decimal place and do not include units in your answer.

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carpinteyrotis : I want a new computer but im a little short on funds, and dad said if i can get 1000 he would help me pay for it. I want to make the money in about a month, the only thing is that im 12. If ANYONE knows how to do this could you please help me!!! And please use serious answers. thanks!
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NamImpaimafes : if youre smart you can tutor. $20/hour easyyy. i made up to 45/hour
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BuyNexium : Ask for one for xmas and ur birthday or buy a 200 - 600$ laptop and save money or just beg him and say you will work it off.
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madelyn379 : No 12-year-old is going to command $20/hour in this market. I apologize on behalf of "Lyric."
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2qot54rt74o : -Mowing your neighbors' lawns
-Washing your neighbors' cars
-Fixing stuff (if u are good at it) and charging for it
-Selling the old stuff you don't use anymore on eBay (ask your mom for help)

as of $1,000 in a month that's even difficult for someone over 18 nowadays :S but hey what I told u will give u a start at least
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kotelekokd : The trunk shows seems like really fun, music, interacting at fun locations all for a great cause. Just wondering if anyone has any experience or knows more about how to get involved with the organization. Are people hand selected from the fashion, design, jewelry industries or can anyone host a trunk show?
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seettyDoums : My boyfriend and I went to get an engagement ring on the weekend. I picked a .36 carat ring. 18k white gold. The centre diamond is F colour SI2. The centre diamond is .30 carats and has diamond shoulders which bring is up to .36 carats.
The lady told me she could change the diamond to a .50 G colour diamond for only £50 more if I wanted. I compared the two diamonds and the smaller F colour was much more sparkly than the G colour. I thought I seen a hint of yellow in the G colour diamond and it didn't reflect the light as much. I did hope for a .50 carat diamond but was trying not to go over my boyfriends budget. We put a deposit on the .36 carat ring and are going to collect it next week. She told me if I change my mind she will put in the .50 carat diamond. What do u think I should do, stick with the smaller .30 centre diamond with a better colour and more sparkly? Or for only £50 more go for the bigger .50 carat diamond that doesn't sparkle as much?
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konwo724 : or would it look silly?
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Jaramaree : well yeah, just make sure it doesn't fall off.
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