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Daudiodia : i've been told i should apply for a career development loan but you can only do this through banks, so i need another option as my credit rating is not great, and i have been out of work since november 2010

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aperReeri : you could apply for a small personal loan, the post office does quite reasonable rates.
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jinlin8899 : loan
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qcharlesc : My group is heading to Washington D.C to help the community and hopefully make it a better place. With cuts in funding our trip has only raised enough funds for meals and transportation. I was wondering if anyone knew of a church or affiliation that would help our our group as we make our way to D.C. We would be extremely grateful and would give thanks the church through our service trip and with any media or publicity we may encounter. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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maolekmtol : Why are women in Rwanda so interested in working for What are their motivations behind making this beautiful jewelry?
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glenckistr : dress for office work at 53 years old. dress for office work at 53 years old
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Ununteepheddy : A blouse,black pants, small heels
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mason337 : Button down shirt or a sweater with a pencil skirt (below knees) or black pants, a dress below the knees and doesn't fully expose your womanly top area
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jinlin8899 : I'm 60 years old, but I have 5 decades of working in the office, giving advice for 13 years.

When you're shopping, buy anything & everything in your favorite colors: pink, lavender, purple, teal, green, aqua, so you can mix & match them. Add black & white or floral prints, with those colors, and pair them with anything black. Add one of your solid brights, adding a touch of 'color' makes your outfit pop. Leopard prints, for example can be paired with blacks, browns, and / or other darker solids (top or bottom). Adding a jacket to ANYTHING makes you look mature, polished, professional.

Add one of the colors in the printed top, to add a touch of color. If it's black & white print with black OR white top add a red or turquoise belt, and turquoise shoes, you're good.

Buy solid pants or skirts, and match one of the tops (above).

Shoes, there's high heels, 2-3" heels, or flats. Wear whatever you're comfortable with, walking all day. Anything too high, makes you look like going to the club.
Shoes: they come in various colors, beads, metallic. It doesn't have to be 6" high, I can look girly in any 2" or flat thongs with pretty decorations. Add skinny jeans and one of the tops (above) add a belt to match, and you're good. Boots are great this time of year!

Add necklace, bracelet, earrings, and I can add thousands more to go.

"The Problem With Casual Fridays," in the Marie Cliare @ Work issue May 2013. According to a survey of nearly 4,000 white-collar professionals conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation, a New York think tank, published in Marie Claire last November, appearance is a key component in evaluating an employee's career prospects. "its the first filter," said CTI founder Sylvia Ann Hewlett. "People take you seriously if you look polished."

I know what it's like after having kids, we're no longer like 20 something, so here's one for
Worn together or apart, their sleekness becomes yours.
2. Wear strategically placed darks. That B in LBD is the secret sauce of slim-iification: Dark colors recede and take your inches with them - on top, bottom, or both.
3. Go monochrome. The trick is to wear one color head to toe (a huge fall 2012 look, actually). Variation: shades of the same color, with the darkest one where you want the most slimming.
4. Streamline your shoes and legs. Dark skin, tights or pants? Dark shoes. Ditto for light. Bring pants or tights? Go with a shade or two darker on your feet. You'll look thinner and taller.
5. Gently define your waist. Belts are great if you're at all hour-glass-y. But even the apple0shaped among us can benefit from a top or dress that marks our waist with tapering. Nothing shapeless!
~ Glamour Sept. 2012.
Watch Phyllis Newman or Sharon Newman for examples on the Young & the Restless TV soap
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Nazartymn : I think Button down shirt or a sweater is good and sensible dress.
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