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graiccabs : hi everyone,
i got a iphone 4 from tesco on contract without realising you had to pay first payment upfront so had to cancel it due to unsufficient funds in my bank so they cancelled it for me, but did not tell me the phone had been dispatched already so this was very bad service i think but got the phone the next day and rang them up to see if it can be activated (the sim with it) but they said they could not activate it so will have to send prepaid packaging for me to send phone back, this was like 3 weeks ago, they said the packaging with me the next day and i still do not have it. i tried going to the store and ordering another one and they said i have to wait another 30 days. what shall i do? i have this phone and i think they have completely forgotten about it? lol even a man that works with tesco said i should keep it. i bought a payg sim for it and it works fine. whats going on? lol. the contract sim has been stopped so technically i am not a customer with them anymore and they even gave me a refund for it before i even recieved it

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  #2 () : You can ask this question as many times as you like but you have still stolen it and you are still a criminal
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swonArodo : Hi everyone!

Ok, so my friend had his payee removed about a month ago. He receives SSI for disability. This month, when the check was sent, well we thought it was, he didn't receive it in the mail. So he called the 1800 number and they said it had been directly deposited into a bank account. So we checked his account and there was no funds. So we called back, and told them and they said it was deposited in the credit union. That is his old payee's bank account. Then they realized they made an error and didn't remove the bank account or it was accidentally added by someone (not him though). So either the office made a mistake or she called in and had it added (I don't put it past her). She only gave him $200 and when he told her that she wasn't the payee anymore and that she's supposed to send the money back, she was just like ok (don't trust her).

Now what should we do? He has bills to pay and he doesn't have a job right. Can he go and demand immediate payment since it wasn't his fault or the local office? He really needs the money by tomorrow, or early friday. Is there something we can do? She should just go and give him the money? It might take to long for her to send it back and then for them to give it to him. Can we go to the local office and get the rest directly deposited?
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likelucyru : okay, a little history. I got my belly button pierced close to 8 months ago. I'm one of the slow healers I guess because a little stuff still comes out although it felt healed a long time ago. I changed my belly button ring for the first time last week and the new ring had a shorter stem ( I guess that's what you'd call it) after like two days, my belly button was sore and then I started having a sharp pain near the piercing then today the same sharp pain about 3 inches away but still on my stomach. for a couple of reasons, I changed back to my other belly button ring with the longer stem but in between changing, I noticed the area of the piercing was really hard? what is that all about?? and when I put the ring through, it seems that I had to tear skin because it wouldn't go in the hole that was already there (idk, it was a bit hard to see and I was about to pass out, dramatic, I know haha) so now that hole bled. I'm wondering if I'll have to wait another year or whatever for that to heal too now? It's like a fresh piercing, basically.

so my two questions recapped:
1. why is the area around my piercing hard when it's already been like 8 months of healing?
2. because I tore the skin some more pushing the ring through where it didn't go before, will it take months to heal?

thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read all that. can't tell you how much I appreciate it!
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oritisaexarse : yes they are real
ohhh my bad i didnt put the url up sorry.... :)
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and are they real/freshwater pearls?
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Hoknousanaw : Ok so I don't wear earring/gauges now but is it a sin to wear like a ring on my finger or a necklace? I think I've hear that that is as into and f it is I want to take them off because u want no part of sin and I don't like any sin. More help please?!
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SkipSnuntee : See, this is the kind of thing that made me an atheist. How can a Thing be a sin. Actions deeds and intent are sins. A ring is just a thing. Jewelry isn't hurting anyone, it's enhancing yourself and making you feel better about yourself -so how could any of that be bad or harmful to anyone. If there was such a thing as a god I'm sure an all powerful omnipotent being who can control the very movement of the stars and galaxies has much more important things to worry about than a silly little ring on your finger. I;m sure that the final judge of all that's moral would compare and contrast something like wearing a ring versus murdering innocent children and declare a ring to be nothing and the mass murderer to be the real sinner. Really -jewelry is nothing, just a little bauble that hurts and harms no one.
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