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victoriajannyQ : hi everyone,
i got a iphone 4 from tesco on contract without realising you had to pay first payment upfront so had to cancel it due to unsufficient funds in my bank so they cancelled it for me, but did not tell me the phone had been dispatched already so this was very bad service i think but got the phone the next day and rang them up to see if it can be activated (the sim with it) but they said they could not activate it so will have to send prepaid packaging for me to send phone back, this was like 3 weeks ago, they said the packaging with me the next day and i still do not have it. i tried going to the store and ordering another one and they said i have to wait another 30 days. what shall i do? i have this phone and i think they have completely forgotten about it? lol even a man that works with tesco said i should keep it. i bought a payg sim for it and it works fine. whats going on? lol. the contract sim has been stopped so technically i am not a customer with them anymore and they even gave me a refund for it before i even recieved it

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epfvbfaz : play dumb and keep the phone if i were you. if they question it just say after the 3 days you hadnt recieved the package and you forgot all about it
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OrderZithromaxOnline : This is crucial. In the fall, I will be on my 2nd year of undergraduate school. I am currently an undeclared major but am thinking of pursuing Psychology with a concentration in the medical field, with a minor in Business Administration.

I'm kind of on the fence about all of this. I would love to be a clinical psychologist but don't really think I'll have the funds to hold through until then as I will have to be in school for probably the next 10 years (undergrad, grad, and phd along with supervised practice).

I have interests in many different areas. I've always been good at math, since I was younger. I took Calculus in high school, and took it again in college but didn't do too well in the class (C+) once I realized that I didn't have to take the class (it's not a psychology requirement, and didn't count towards my math requirement). My school allows me to re-take the class and replace the grade, so I can do that again.

I was thinking perhaps about engineering? I also enjoy business, law, computers, economics, and sociology. I want a career I enjoy. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I have to decide soon! I enjoy everything.
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JanoNease : Thanks :)
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drormmubS : The burgundy satin one:

For references, Im 24yo campus student and usually tends to overdress for no particulare reasons. I just love dressing up, I rarely go out in the evening or fancy occasions so its a bit hard to wear my nicer stuff, so I tends to take business wear as inspiration for my outfits, like pencil skirts, pearls, blouses, slacks, blazers etc. This burgundy blouse is a bit dressier than a dress shirt, but do you think its too dressy for everyday wear?

like pairing it with a pencil skirt, tights, knee high riding boots, pearl stud earrings + bracelet and a trench coat or replace the pencil skirt & shoes to slacks and ballet flats, or shorter skirt with ankle booties?
(which are outfits that I usually wear to campus but with a cotton collar shirt & statement earrings, similare to this person wore: . Also, Im not a jeans nor a heel person)
and if people think the the girl in the pic is me. This is me:
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robzinbn : Works fine, I think it looks good. I like dressed up women.
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hNm1uEwl : i would definately say its fine for everyday wear especially if you enjoy that business types look. ityour stayle so dont be afraid to show it off!
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  #8 () : Im slowly building my finer jewelry collection (which I wear regulary) and thinking of getting one of these:
1) Red syntetic ruby in silver + white zircons silver
2) Red zircon in silver (slightly cheaper)
(they cost about 30$ if converting them to american prices. lol Im not native english speaker)

The ruby ring to go with my penfndant or the red zircon ring to go with my red/silver cubic zircon stud earrings.

Which one would you get?
I can only get one (there are a few other stuff I will get).
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NamImpaimafes : I like the first one.
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nh8f90pl79 : the first one
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