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DjoMalyshev : i recieved my payoneer card recently that i signed up with and i have successfully activated the card, but one thing i dont understand is, it has been mentioned on the payoneer site that the activation fee is $49, but the card had no balance on it but still the card was activated. is it that when i load money on the card the activation charge will be taken from the loaded money ? please help me with this step by step because this could help a lot of people like me having problem to withdraw their e-currency like paypal and alertpay through this option.
and one more query: i have a paypal and alertpay account which are both unverified but have some balance, can i transfer fund to payoneer through paypal/ alertpay? if yes please tell me the steps.

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salepoucj : You are doing some financial planning. You estimate that you will work for another 24 years and currently have $190,000 in your retirement account. You plan to contribute the following cash flows into your retirement fund:

Years 1-6 $14,000 per year
Years 7-12$15,500 per year
Years 13-19$17,000 per year
Years 20-24$20,200 per year

In addition, you plan to make a withdrawal of $60,000 4 years from today and make an additional contribution of $100,000 10 years from today. You anticipate that you will earn 8.5% per year until retirement. At retirement, you want to immediately withdraw $100,000. You also want to be able to withdraw an additional $70,000 5 years after retirement. Finally, you want to have $300,000 left at the end of your 25th year of retirement. Assuming you earn a 4.25% rate of return during retirement, how much can you withdraw at the end of each month during the 25-year retirement window?

(Hint 1: Use monthly compounding during the entire retirement time period and annual compounding during the entire pre-retirement period. Hint 2: Note that in years 4 and 10 there are two cash flows simultaneously – the regular contribution plus the special withdraw or contribution).
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thurgyFug : I need help! What goes with this dress? This was my moms and its so PLAIN!! WINTER/FALL wise how will this look cute?! My fall closet consists of scarves, berets, hats, oxfords, combat boots, tights, leggings, stockings, knee high socks, skinny belts, and light/big cardigans! I want to make an outfit with this dress that says hipster/60s/vintage/chic :) I hope someone can help! Photos would be nice too! Also what colors and prints would go with it (I hate cheetah and zebra print just to point out) Thank you!!
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upsellweast : Can anyone suggest a few trustworthy online shops from where I can buy some designer jewellery items for my wedding.
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FZRaymond : I make jewelry. And i can custome make them to your specifications. I do glass beads and crystal. Here send me an email if your interested: misshayley603 @ yahoo . com
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sonNeabyPoone : ok, so I am planning to get angel bites and a bottom middle labret piercings for high school, and i have some questions about them.

•could I get all 3 piercings on the same day? if not, how much time should I wait in between piercings?
•about how much do angel bites cost? (for both)
•about how much does a labret cost?
•how do I know how to distinguish a "bad" piercing place to a "good" one? I don't want to go to any sketchy places and I'd be bad at knowing if they're good or not hah
•would I need to get the bioplastic stud things eventually? because I saw someone say that the metal ones were rubbing against their teeth/gums and causing problems (I'm pretty sure that's what they're called, sorry if I was wrong)
•oh yeah and will I be able to have braces with them? I will always have just the stud kinds so I don't really think they will interfere like the rings do(?)

thanks! sorry this was a lot of questions, I just want to be prepared :P
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Enenierse : 1) you can, but it would be better for the healing process if you got the angelbites thennnn the labret or vice versa. your piercer will let you know the healing times.
2) depends on the shop. hopefully they wont charge more than 50-60
3) 30-40 for labret OH, and dont be afraid to ask if they can cut you a little deal for getting it all done there.
4) just make sure they are evenly placed watch what you piercer is doing he/she should mark the spot.
5) yes lip piercings can mess with the insides of your mouth it depends on you though with how it affects you and how sensitive you are.
6) i dont think they would interfere but im no professional
good luck
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andgeiil : 1. no, don't get them on the same day, get the angelbites together, or them all seperately depending on how you feel after the first piercing! but the labret at a different time. wait till what you get pierced first is 100% healed. it's just easier. c:
2. it depends on where you go to get them done. when i got my lip pierced at a piercing shop it was $45, so maybe roughly $90-$100. like i said, depends on the shop.
3. make sure you get pierced at a cleanly shop. if they don't open a needle out of a fresh package, do not let them pierce you! also make sure they clean the area, have you rinse your mouth out, and have gloves on!
4. it depends on if it's comfortable for you. bioflex bars for me where a lot more uncomfortable.
5. yes, you can absolutely have braces with them. i've seen many people with piercings and braces. c:
good luck! c:
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