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clilyq : My friend was telling me about her funds going into a Diversified Bond vs what my funds are going into which is a 20/40 fund that has higher risk as it is in with the stock market. I am confused about whether I should keep it there or transfer to the Diversified Bond. I would like to gain more if I can but with the plan I am in I could also lose a lot. I am a single parent and this is for retirement so I need suggestions. Should I take the risk or just save up in the diversified bond? It was explained to me that my return would be greater but also my risk are greater with my current set up. I am 29 so I have some years to go but I would like to make a wise decision. I know the stock market can crash anytime.....

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rebecontannyM : I would 100% stay away from any bond funds.
We are in a bond bubble right now - about to pop
Keep in mind that interest rates could soon go up
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wanb4669 : This is crucial. In the fall, I will be on my 2nd year of undergraduate school. I am currently an undeclared major but am thinking of pursuing Psychology with a concentration in the medical field, with a minor in Business Administration.

I'm kind of on the fence about all of this. I would love to be a clinical psychologist but don't really think I'll have the funds to hold through until then as I will have to be in school for probably the next 10 years (undergrad, grad, and phd along with supervised practice).

I have interests in many different areas. I've always been good at math, since I was younger. I took Calculus in high school, and took it again in college but didn't do too well in the class (C+) once I realized that I didn't have to take the class (it's not a psychology requirement, and didn't count towards my math requirement). My school allows me to re-take the class and replace the grade, so I can do that again.

I was thinking perhaps about engineering? I also enjoy business, law, computers, economics, and sociology. I want a career I enjoy. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I have to decide soon! I enjoy everything.
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POUGPULLYCOLO : More specifically, I just need peoples' input on whether or not this necklace would be acceptable for a guy to wear.

I just don't want to go out and give the impression that I wear all types of jewelry. I like the look of this pendant though, and I want to wear it. (It stands for somehting I like, aswell)
I just want to make sure it isn't girly, I frankly don't have a clue.
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dsyez007 : Sure! You can wear it!
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meslefectra : You can wear it if you'd like, but I'd get a different chain. The charm itself isn't girly, the chain is, so I'd get a different one.
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Occubrerobe : My piercer didn't have the diameter i wanted for my septum horseshoe so now I'm stuck with a tiny one that hugs my septum and only shows the end balls. I'm going to buy a larger diameter from somewhere else but i just wanna know if professionals are relatively open to changing out a 2 day old piercing. Anyone with past experiences/feedback/answers?
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Vorsanaffow : I want to cosplay as ciel phantomhive this year and I want everything to be perfect but I'm having some problems with knowing which outfit of his to buy and some other things about him. So here are my questions, thank you for your help.

What finger does the gold ring with the family crest go on?
Does he carry guns on him? (in one episode sebastion asks ciel why he didn't draw his gun and shoot madam red)
What kind of guns are these?
Does he carry them regularly?
Does any one know where I can get them?
What Cain does he normally have?
What is your guys favorite outfit he wears?

Thank you for your help
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