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DegreeMoon : Ok, this is a opinion question, and i feel that Mr Bush has been a failure. I mean gas prices are at a all time high and going up, as well as oil prices, the economy is in shambles, the unemployment rate is rediculous and all Mr Bush seems to focus on is a meaningless war in Iraq that should not have taken place to begin with. Again, these our my opinions, i may be wrong and people will disagree, but i do respect all views and opinions, even those who say im wrong and disagree, what do you think? ps: And he wants billions upon billions of dollars more to continue funding the war in Iraq, couldnt that money be used to create jobs here, homes for the homeless?

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yang1239p : a complete and total failure...his main claim to fame from his supporters is this incredible economy yet point out the fact that all stock indices tripled under Clinton and only have gone up a cumulative of 25% under Bush, they start making stuff up and stuttering like the little clown boys they's so sad

poor 007, idiotstick that he is.
numbers don't lie

DOW under Bush 10,495-13,326
Dow under Clinton 3,371-11,497

S&P 500 Bush: 1240-1506
S&P 500 Clinton: 443-1439

owned again, bring some facts loser, how does it feel being a scumbag?
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Beskeragmasse : It depends on how the succeeding presidents handle the issues he did. History is rewritten to support those in power.

But I'd say both on different issues.
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goodevry8 :
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BusDrersUneni : remove the word city; there is no such thing.

ib, yes

BH, depends, likely by your 3rd or 4th year
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zIvigiorryize : I am 14 and trying to make some money before summer (when I will get a job) and I wanted some ideas on what to make that I can sell on etsy really easily, and I would need something extremely cheap to make because I don't have much money to begin with, and will need to make a lot of sales before I can start making better things to sell. Something that I could take a day of the weekend and make a lot to sell, like bracelets or jewelry. Something that will sell well. Thank you! :)
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Slolcadly : Use clothing buttons to create jewelry or glue onto picture frames or put into picture frames. You can use buttons off old clothes and picture frames from the dollar store..just need a little creativity to not make it look so cheap. The bigger and more colorful the buttons the better.
You will also need a bank account to which they will pay you through. Your parents would need to set all that up.
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Teceonels : So, I understand that employs women that make beaded glass jewelry, bracelets, and necklaces. I am a little confused about how it works, though. Is it a non-profit for the social good....kind of like Or, is it like the one-for-one model that TOM's uses? What is the story with it exactly? Very interested in learning more because I think their bracelets and necklaces are so beautiful and if it's for a good cause, I'm interested in learning more.
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tireargueme : This is the dress I'll be wearing!(: I'd love to wear heels but I'm 5'6 and my boyfriend is 5'4 so I don't want to be towering over him haha. So any help in finding flats to go with my dress would be much appreciated!
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Faceblate : how about this one ?? It's cute and beautiful.
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