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jiniaSown :

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payollasywoRk : Whip it out.
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glenckistr : Websites - get lots of hits, then make good money through subscriptions / third party advertisements or set up a shop on Ebay.

You will have to invest money to some extent whatever you decide to do.
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lusCheextvele : hello
i am arun. i am from india. i am going to do my msc. in finance and banking from qmul next year. i ve always been interested in the securities markets and investments from a small age. ive been trading options from the time was 18 and have been tracking the stock markets from the time i was 16. after i complete my studies in the uk i wud like to come back to india and start a business realting to investments since i am not interested in my family business . can you suggest a good business and also how much i wud require to start it . the business should relate to the investment or finance industry . somthing to do with the stock markets. thanks for the help . ill be very grateful if you helped me :) thank you .
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Heaccaccawn : For homecoming my dress is a very vibrant coral high low dress. I already have sparkly silver high heels to wear with it but how should I do my makeup? And what jewelry should I wear? I am the sophomore homecoming princess so I will already have a tiara on my head.
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kayattsag : do a smokey eye an swear silver earing and maybe a matching necklace
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liamnigousnum : silver jewelry with fake diamonds! smokey eye makeup! winged eyeliner?? if you do heavy eye makeup do a lighter softer lip color, so maybe a light pink ? and congrats on homecoming princess! i am a sophomore too! :) ! And I am sure you will look beautiful!
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kotelekokd : The trunk shows seems like really fun, music, interacting at fun locations all for a great cause. Just wondering if anyone has any experience or knows more about how to get involved with the organization. Are people hand selected from the fashion, design, jewelry industries or can anyone host a trunk show?
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focasinome : I know there's drugs and stuff like that. But there's also malware engineers and making diamonds and selling them as real diamons. What else
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Spovergorry : Become a pimp.
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