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Unatzinkisk : Hi, I am wondering..

lets say that I am Transferring to a four year college from a community college. OK, not lets say that the first quarter(not a semester college), I will only be taking 6 or 7 credits("half-time").

Now, the question is, would I be able to get the necessary funds needed to both attend the college and pay for food and rent?

I ask this because, I am unable to take a full time load of 12+ credits my first quarter there due to the fact that I have other things going on... and the fact that one of my class' will be a Very difficult calculus class.. math generally takes me twice as long as other subjects... its almost like taking two classes, time-wise.

ALSO, I should mention that I will be trying to go for the federal staffard and or perkins loan. I am the son of a single parent who qualifies for financial aid. More so, will also have the cost of my books paid for via a tribal gpa scholarship. I have to worry about the 400+ apartment rent per month, car insurance, utilities, and other such expenses. Luckily its a reasonable priced in state university.

Thank you for any help or experience on the matter. This will be greatly appriciated.

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I dont want advertisment spam about loans...I am simply looking for quick and helpful information from students, pwe, and falcuty. thank you
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zakladykliczko : I work in IT Software development. I've been offered a job in a T1 American investment bank (back office stuff), another in a large fashionable growing dot com. There are more contracts in IB's, however probably more fun at the dot com. E.g. its dress down every day there. Money is about the same. What job should I take?
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korelomihu : And what is it?

I have a Stewart crystal button from 1690s that I made into a necklace.
I love custom making jewelry. :D
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Kenoquaweenceei : Yes I have many custom made necklaces and bracelets from a new up and coming artist. Her brand is VZ Designs. She mainly sells in the Wisconsin and Minnesota area, though.
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jcgpice557 : I have a whole Etsy shop full of Steampunk style stuff I've made, plus every once and a while I am sure to take the time to make something for myself.
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maolekmtol : Why are women in Rwanda so interested in working for What are their motivations behind making this beautiful jewelry?
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itatuilmelf : Do they fit about the same as Diamond Supply Co. ?
I used to wear medium in Diamond but after some washes, it would shrink and wouldnt fit well so I started to buy large which are kinda big but after a couple washes, it fit a lot better than the mediums but still a tiny bit big. I was wondering if anyone who wore Pink+Dolphin knew anything about the sizing compared to Diamond shirts. Diamond doesnt have a size chart so I cant compare them to Pink+Dolphin.
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