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Lerosyv : how do i go about changing my address for my daughters trust fund? i contacted them through email after we moved and they didnt get back to me any of the times. i directly contacted the child trust fund who said i can only change it through the provider, who will not get back to me. i have never had a bank statement so i dont know how much is in her account. if i phone the child trust fund will they make all the changes for me or will they tell me i still need to contact the provider? i need it done asap as any letters or bank statements are probably still being sent to my old address.

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EpildKitillek : Or is that place practically preserved for celebrities...
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MeggansFK : They are the really soft blankets, they stay soft no matter how many times you wash them I know you can get them from the Vegas and Cali swap meets but I can't find them any where else like online it has to be the five diamond if not its a rip off
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ReomserepTesy : you can get them from the Vegas and Cali swap meets
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Plattegat : tie an ffa scarf with a gold ring (urgent). tie an ffa scarf with a gold ring (urgent)
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Rerenrigh : Shp 12/6 Affinity Diamond 1/4 ct tw Pave' ColorBraid Ring,Ster Blue Size 9 Item Price: $99.89,-Sterling.product.J288186.html?sc=J288186-Tailored&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-6-_-J288186&catentryImage=$uslarge$
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mugonitok : well its about a normal price for a silver 1/4ct ring
the huge China stamp is a bit off putting though

China is famous for stamping tibetan silver, 925, passing it off as sterling
tibetan silver isnt silver at all, merely silver coloured
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Drahphawletle : Add some sparkle & shine to your wardrobe with a stunning collection of rings at QVC. Choose from gold, sterling silver, gemstone rings, and much more.
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