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juniperex : hi my daughter was left some money in a trust fund which was put into stocks/shares and have just been told they can only be sold once a month on a certain date is this true and does anyone know the date this happens i live in the uk if that makes a difference?

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Asyncinaccich : And at the same time they're happy that the illegal immigrants are ripping them off?

If you are a liberal and you have children in public schools, your children are losing school funding to illegals, who cost more money to educate because you have to teach them English.

I met a single white mom once who was frustrated that she couldn't get any social services. Yet, illegal moms get food stamps, wic, and don't have to pay insurance to have their baby.
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Stoolalixsal : Because liberals are stupid azzholes!
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rikesuiburnsc : They aren't thinking straight. End taxation!
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ComprarViagraAR : I know they just love illegals who rip off the government. These liberals make me SICK.
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CutieFlower : Never try to attribute common sense to a liberal.
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free ads : I wish one would answer, I have to wonder why all they do is cry about the rich
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wardmfoleyy : They don't like rich people (except for themselves.) They want everyone to be equally poor, and all the wealth to be collected by the ruling class.
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Coinfunlink : Actually, if you have ANYTHING liberals didn't provide by taking from someone else, liberals think YOU don't pay enough.
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xgevcrfz : "illegal moms get food stamps, wic"

No, they don't.

You're upset about something that isn't even happening.
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