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Assinemia : I found a Kinket gear ring online, and I would really love to have one, but it costs $165.00. Is there anyway I get get one that is similar but more affordable? The brand or material does not matter, so long as I can move the gears around. Coupons would help to. Thanks for the help in advance!

Here is a link to the website where I found the ring:

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Anielavs0 : Someone could tell me where to buy fashion accessories like earrings and bracelets, plz help me, many thanks. Every answer would be appreciate!
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porvfdyseo : You can buy tongue studs with logos everywhere, so there must be somewhere making them? I have venom bites (two) so I have to have two of everything, which looks stupid, I'd like to do things like having one saying 'bite' & the other 'me' & generic crap to that effect.. Does anyone know of anywhere I can get this? Like upload an image & have it printed onto a stud? & if not why is no one doing this? Seems like it'd be quite popular.. I've googled furiously to no avail.. Thanks x
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Byhopynep : qs about jewlery - 1. "signed jewlery" 2. what does "vintage costume jewlery" mean. qs about jewlery - 1. "signed jewlery" 2. what does "vintage costume jewlery" mean
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suodi668 : Costume jewelry is not something you would wear regularly wear it is exactly what it sounds like it is to go with a costume and if your buying that its defimantly fake an I've never hear o signed jewelry im guess I g it was signed by the designer something like that
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