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ClivaCinE : I think collective bargaining should become outlawed for public employees because they have no right to negotiate tax-funded money. Also all of america should become right to work, where union membership isn't mandatory to have a job. what do you think?

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azikmanich : Nah, I just think the actual law saying they can collectively bargain is redundant.
That right is protected by the 1st amendment
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nztjqvbovxna : I don't disagree entirely however, I think the individual States should decide that not the Federal Government.
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Seillaclark : If public employees don't have the right to have a say in what is done with tax funds, which they are required by law to pay into, who does?

You might want to look into how things were before unions existed. It wasn't so great either.
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rarsepoetry : For public employees, yes. I agree with you. Unless the military is allowed to unionize no government jobs should get to unionize.

In the private sector I support unions and collective bargaining 100%.
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likelucyru : Yes, I agree. I'm in the military and I think its BS that all public employees can collectively bargain while having the perception that they are 'serving' the community. Look what happened to California with its public employees.

Also, union membership shouldn't be mandatory.
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KeteAnaex : Hi, just wondering if one brow piercing/rings sexy on a guy? if he's been told that he has sexy eye brows already, would a piercing make it sexier, or not?
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Sictantee : nope. i don't think any piercings are cool on a guy.
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nersFoogeonge : No...i dont think makes them ugly
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cooffcoasoli : are brow piercings/rings sexy on a guy. are brow piercings/rings sexy on a guy
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