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taurfibra : So amazingly, I am the 15% that get there iPod wet/ in liquid. So my iPod has been broken for 1 month now, and im living fine without it. But my mom gave me a suggestion: she said she could go and give my iPod to a place to see if they can fix it and she will pay for it, and if they can’t do it I can buy a new one. But here is the thing: My mom said I would have to pay for my iPod and I do know that is a price to pay for well damaging it. But I only have 90$ dollars saved up. ( have to save up for marching band uniform (200 dollars there) and well having fun) but she said whatever I come up with she will put 50 dollars toward it. So my mom has said that I should cut down on fun and start saving, or that I could dip into my saving fund and get out the money I need, but honestly I don’t think it’s right to dip into my saving just for an electronics so I was thinking that I would just do more chores and yard work (I live on 3 acres of land and my parents love building and fixing stuff) so do you think I choose the right thing? Or should I dip into my fund? Also I forgot to add this is the newest iPod touch. But yes, I do check: eBay, craigslist, overstock, Amazon. Thank You So Much!
Have a Great Summer

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zratxhvm : Personally i think that your mom should be proud of you for saving up for something you realy want. if you're doing fine without your ipod i don't see a reason as to why you would choose to use your saved up money to buy a new one... and it usually cost a lot to send electronics away so why don't you just suggest to your mom that it would be cheaper if instead she just bought you maybe a used ipod off of kijiji or something? just a suggestion. i think that not waisting you money on something that you dont really need compaired to something that could help you out in the future with college and whatknot is the better way to go. goodluck tho, definately should try throwing out the idea of just not sending it away and getting one that works tho :)
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caubocaibia : I'm interested in these 3 shirts but I'm not sure which one to get. I'm 5'4" and I have a large frame ((specifically broad shoulders)) so which one would look better on me? Or which one do you guys think looks the best?

I was thinking about wearing it with either black jeans/legging or light denim shorts.


2) ((((navy & cream!!))))


P.S: I posted this earlier in the morning and got some responses and I'm posting it one more time so please ignore this if you've already replied. Thanks! xx
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easettape : you should get the third one (: it would really cute with black leggings and some white converse (:
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weiqoiu6a : middle one definitely
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QNfelicita : Love all of them! My fav one is the last one though :) hope this helped :)
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pneupejed : First one, sorry but I think the others look.... Boyish x
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Uttegowag : I like the third one best because of the touch of teal in the plaid. You could wear turquoise earrings and a turquoise top under the shirt and it would look amazing.

If you wear a turquoise top under the shirt, it will visually make your chest look bigger and your shoulders look narrower because they'll be covered with the darker burgundy shirt. Besides, burgundy, black and turquoise/teal look fabulous together!! : }
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Effitswes : They are all awful and tomboy ish. Except the first one but only if you'll wear like a Cami underneath so it isn't skanky
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srfecti644 : I definitely like the second one best.
Plus, it's cheapest!
The pocket is cute, and I like your color choice. :)
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