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yhceameyqasb : Been told by my doctor today to get lapband surgery but do not have the funds to do so.
So how do I get on the public waiting list for it to be done ...In Australia, Melbourne

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doristop :
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alomeswamskar : Uhh it looks like a initial gauge
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Touspedquesee : I have a ring my great grandma gave to my mom before she died, telling her to give it to her first-born daughter, or whichever she thought deserved it. Since I'm her only daughter, I got it. I'm just curious, I doubt it's real, but I want to know.

I've heard of a few ways to tell, but they work best on bigger gems, the ring has really small ones that are kinda hard to get to because the prongs that hold them in are big.

I can't take it to a jeweler or anything. First of all, I'm broke, and I'll assume you have to pay them to look at your (possible) rocks, second, I'd feel silly if I went and it was glass.
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JanBarend : I leave tonight but also how I should do my hair, I want the whole outfit please!
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0y6kakseenceby34 : simple , dont wear nothing lol
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enrogginc : Straightn your hair and then put it in a pony tail. Use high waisted shorts and a tank. Vans and bracelets for accessories.
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tritdaddy : I have had it for 13 months now and I just bought new rings for it. I never changed it yet so I don't really know how to change it but it still has crusty stuff around the bottom hole and sometimes oozes liquid stuff. Am I able to change it or should I just keep the one I was pierced with in.?
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fivefingerslf : clean it a little more about 2x a day for about 2 weeks or until the crust goes away.then change it.even after you change it keep it clean.
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