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ugg675o : I'm wondering why LGBT causes are so well funded. Is it because people in the LGBT community make/save more money? Or is it other reasons, such as in general, they don't have to save money for their kid's college tuition.

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payollasywoRk : Because gays and politics go perfectly with each other.
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accocagcise : I love how the democrats say they are for gay rights and when they get into office
those same democrats these gays put in office forget about them
Jesse ventura is for gays and he is also atheist
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dingvenivaw : What does it take to raise a child in America, $1,500,000? Whatever it is, it ain't zero, which is what gays have to pay.
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Soansiodo : because must of them are rich conservatives
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mopHoomoHal : Not everyone who supports LGBT causes is LGBT. Most funding comes from corporations whose executives happen to support LGBT rights.
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Cicelypalagonia4 : It boils down to the inequality of pay between a man and a woman. Two working males living together will have a much higher disposable income than a man and a woman living together. The right wing conservatives only have their conservative views to blame for this.
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prieneupe : It is probably because the ones that are not afraid to show themselves are usually well educated and have good jobs and thus more disposable capital.
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Molinotuse : No it doesn't hurt I promise you! All you have to do is grab the earring like the stud part, and rotate it about 5 times. I got my first ear piercing when I was 8 and I didn't feel any pain. I'm 13 now. The outcome will be bad because it will take so much longer to heal and it will hurt to put other piercings in it, then you'll be in pain! But it's super simple and I hope I helped, I wish ya the best of luck <3
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Ironing Bord : You should deff turn them
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