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Fecregree : I'd like to work at an animal related foundation but I have a History degree...?
I have a History degree because I was unsure of what I wanted to do in high school and my first two years of college. I love History and it seemed like a logical choice. However, I've since realized that my real passion would be to work at a foundation like the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund to help raise funds and awareness for endangered species in the wild, as well as awareness for the importance of zoological parks.

I've always planned to get my Masters Degree and was wondering what route I should take in order to work for a foundation like this. Obviously my degree is less than compatible with this type of work. Also, is there anywhere that I could work before and during Grad School to gain experience in this type of environment?

Thanks so much.
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pozycjeswe : I have 6 tattoos, but going for my first piercing (well, my ear lobes were pierced, but that was a long time ago, lol). I've considered a nose piercing off and on for about 2 years, and finally decided to get it. So before I go in this Friday to have it done, I do have a concern: metal boogers. I don't want to look like I have a metal booger in my nose if the end is sticking out, haha. Are there other kinds of nose studs the piercer could put in that wouldn't look like that? Are there any straight ones like earrings? Please be kind and post any input you have about this, I'm clueless about piercings. Thanks!
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yangxh63o : i know zumiez and tillys
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Errollofe : In fairfax look up 410 n fairfax it will be the O.F store right across from it their is supreme, diamond supply, around the corner it the hundreds next to the O.F store is pink dolphin too but if u don't live near try hot topic
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Palgamdxorzjhi : I'm 16 and I have an interview at a clothing store and I have no idea what to wear
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gorjitienMito : A suit if you have one, khaki slacks and a dress shirt (tie or not) if you don't
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bioriaseina : pencil skirt that isn't shorter than the top of your knee cap, a white collared shirt, and a blazer. that shud do it
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hiegululnenny : Wear clothes from their store. Or look through their catalog and wear an outfit that looks enough like it could be in their catalog. This will show the people there that you have a similar outlook on fashion.
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Boowcinee : Business casual always works. I wouldn't wear a suit but some dress pants and a button down dress shirt would work. Or If you don't have dress pants, go with khakis and a nice (business appropriate) shirt.
Good luck on your interview! =)
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anteftAntitle : A knee length black dress that doesn't show cleavage. Some nice flats wedges or heels minimal makeup. Have your hair nice and neat. And be confident in front of your interviewer. Good luck.
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