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songfeng607 : I plan on asking for large investments. The show will cost roughly 5000$. If a company gives me 10% of the cost, then they will make 10% of the profit. However if I end up with $5000 in my bank account to spend on the show, is that something I have to claim as income? Do I have to pay taxes on that? I know I have to claim the profit of the show, but do I have to claim this?

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anogeneInsals : For school and how should i wear it because it's actually longer than the picture
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upncfwgc : wear it like the model
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Appaniadutt : It's cute ! You can pop it out with a cute necklace and some nice jeans or leggings (:
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Kecysypecrade : Black skinny jeans or leggings will look great with it.
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LoffVonosoomy : i was interested in buying these earrings but i dont know if their real or not and i dont want to get ripped off. i wanted to know for the diamond experts out there can you tell if these earrings are real or not by looking at the picture.
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suethoche : any suggestions what colour shoes, bag and shawl to wear with this (link below) red lace dress to a wedding. Its not very dressy so ill have to dress it up. Also should a wear gold, silver or pearl jewelry?
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FriendMax : gold go gold it looks wonderful on red.
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endongove : Red heels and pearl jewelry
Maybe a white shawl ?
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SahSooroVaw : Love the dress.
I would wear nude or black high heels.
Have my nails done to match the dress or go French white tips.
Earrings long for sure, not much else for bling.
I always wear pantyhose, not sure if your going with or without, but I love my hosiery.
Could do a very light black pair.
Have fun, hope you feel great doing it to.
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