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bornOwnence : I think collective bargaining should become outlawed for public employees because they have no right to negotiate tax-funded money. Also all of america should become right to work, where union membership isn't mandatory to have a job. what do you think?

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LFsonia :

also what jewellery to wear?
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MerSorpornart : purple heels and big earrings and silver bracelet x
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Jeojeryceby : Black, dark shade of blue, white and if you want to stand out a hot pink.

Put each one on and walk around your room. Get a mirror and see which one suits your body, skin and dress <3
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Jeniferxfs, : gold heels and big gold earrings, and a small gold necklace. maybe some bangles on the wrist
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lolowsNem : Shoes:
Definitely hot pink, neon pink, or neon orange. If not possible black, silver, or white pumps will work too.

Diamond dangles or studs would look really cute or gold hoops (earrings) bangles to match the color of your shoes (bracelet) and a cute and simple silver or gold necklace that doesn't have any charms or anything, only the chain
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intonearrigue : I have a coral one but really wanted 2 more the sort of mystical looking one which is blue with gold specks and a dark one for winter but can't seem to find them anywhere?

Have they been discontinued?
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Kaitlyn_Iowa : I'm on a budget and I want to spend my money wisely. I want to get jewelry for my outfits and I already have alot of colored jeans so I just want to get basic jeans with no color. Can you name a couple of jean styles that would be good and stores that I could go to oh and by the way I'm 15 going into the 10th grade.
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Enfobendono : Primark?
If they have on in America
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AZAdrion : You could try getting some high waisted jeans there really cute :)
They have good sales at h&m right now they just opened there online shop
Wetseal is good too
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