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maxussynk : A small business has $100 000 to invest. Determine the annual interest rate needed on buisness's investment in order for the investment to be worth$1 000 000 in 20 years. Assume that interest is compounded anually.

A bit puzzled can anyone hep me out with this. Please and thank you for your time.

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kViktuk : i go to a school with a strict uniform. the dress code is:
red, white, and blue skirt (ew),
white, blue, or red polo with logo, or a white button down shirt.
you have to wear a red cardigan/sweatshirt with the logo, but on colder days can wear your own over that
for the shoes you have to wear either navy blue, black, or brown dress shoes (no heels),
and white, black, or navy blue socks.
no jewelry is allowed, except stud earrings and a watch.
also, there is NO makeup allowed.

i already got my mom to help shorten my skirt to just above the knee, and my white shirt is already fitted. what other stuff can i do with my uniform?

thanks in advance :)
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ekstab : High school girls are not supposed to wear makeup anyway.

Play with your hairstyle, draw attention to your face, because that's your best asset.
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biorbslorie : wow, that really sucks. if i were you i'd probably just do my hair a different way every day...on monday, straighten it, on tuesday, put it in a bun, on wednesday, braid it, on thursday, curl it, on friday, scrunch it! sorry about the strict rules:( but have fun!
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Reommodeswaks : Geez!! A red, white, and blue skirt--REALLY??!! I mean what in the world can you do with something like that. Hmm-m...

What I would do is get a white oversize silicone band watch and maybe a red one too. I'd wear a hairband in the color of the watch and match my socks to the watch, too. I'd always wear navy blue shoes.

I wonder if they'd let you wear the white shirt layered over the blue or red polo if the shirt was buttoned up to just below the placket on the polo. You could spread the collar of the polo over the white shirt for a dif look. I wonder if they'd let you layer your socks also. You could wear red ones over white ones and cuff or scrunch the red ones down to show a bit of white.

If your hair is long enough, you could get a 1/2" satin ribbon in red, white, or blue and braid it into your hair in a french braid. You could tie a ribbon in a loose bow around a high curled ponytail and let the long tails of the ribbon hang down. And maybe you could get some tinted chapstick to wear. It's not like bold lipcolor or anything and it prevents chapped lips so that could be your reason for wearing it. For the stud earrings, I would try to find some with sparkle and also maybe wear some white pearl studs. Good luck!! : /
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Assinemia : I found a Kinket gear ring online, and I would really love to have one, but it costs $165.00. Is there anyway I get get one that is similar but more affordable? The brand or material does not matter, so long as I can move the gears around. Coupons would help to. Thanks for the help in advance!

Here is a link to the website where I found the ring:
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noelleterrao : I went to hong kong last year and I bought some great jewellery from their markets. Im just wondering if there is a site which sells jewellery from hong kong? or if there is a ebay user who sells hong kong jewellery
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Tibiadway : No not at all but i just perfer cheetah print
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seicalminee : YES, that looks very tacky and something a typical teenage girl would wear. The only acceptable leopard print is one that is worn in a classy or chic way. I think the hi-lo just makes it even more basic and typical, swarms of girls wear that style at my school now.
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Anielavs0 : no its just fine
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