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joncooperst : I think they're very cute! My main question is will I look trashy or slutty wearing them? I'm 13 and in 8th grade. What do you think? My mom said I can wear them, but she says not the ones that connect to my other piercings. (I have my ears double pierced) She said she likes the types that look like these (and so do I c:)

she also said these would be okay:

Also- do you guys know if they sell these in stores at Claires, or are they only online?
Oh I forgot to mention- I will more then likely wear them with jeans or shorts and a nice top. Maybe a skirt, but not like a mini skirt lol. :)
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Wichegog : They're hot and kinda slutty lol just wait ill ur 14 or 15 then u look artistic :)
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1mannequind : No I'm the same age and grade and it's not my friends wear them a lot I love mine!! And they sell all different types and have a huge variety in the store
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advoloSailm : i think those are very cute!!

i dont think it would look trashy or slutty.. as longg as ur outfit isnt trashy or slutty :)
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Etepsips : They look awesome!

As for 'will i look trashy or slutty?'
You shouldn't do, as long as you wear the correct clothing, obviously if you wear these with a denim mini skirt and a short sleeve leather jacket, yeah, you may end up looking like a prostitute or something.
So just be careful to dress classy, and these should look very fashionable!

I'm sure they would be sold in store, i'm nearly positive i saw some in my local Claire's store only the other day :)
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KeteAnaex : Hi, just wondering if one brow piercing/rings sexy on a guy? if he's been told that he has sexy eye brows already, would a piercing make it sexier, or not?
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Sictantee : nope. i don't think any piercings are cool on a guy.
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Meego2012 : Yeah! :)
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cooffcoasoli : are brow piercings/rings sexy on a guy. are brow piercings/rings sexy on a guy
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shumbamma : Depends on how the person looks. But for the most part no.
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