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geickmstam : Over the years of experience and independent research I have concluded that the medical industry is corrupt. Doctors go to medical schools that are funded by biased politically motivated Pharma companies to prescribe you drugs for all types of illnesses which in turns cause even more health problems. I feel sorry for people who haves no knowledge of true health and depends on doctors to treat them. I dont blame the doctors as I know they think they are doing the right thing but at the same time the system has got to change for the best. All the doctors I encountered all seemed to be clueless. Do you guys believe everything your doctor tells you??

If so I consider you do your own research as you will find better more natural alternatives to Real Medicine...
they went to 8 years of school and were taught from Pharma funded resources so we should trust them right? Pharma is a billion dollar business but I guess its better to prescribe your kids narcotics.

Its good to know most of you guys do your homework. I feel sorry for people fully depending on doctors advice. These days bad doctors come a dime a dozen but there are those minority doctors that have great advice.. Millions of people are suffering from this and something needs to change!
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Sleeryrub : Depends on the doctor, but in general, no.
I'm a nurse, so thankfully I have some medical background. I always do my own research and ask colleagues about many aspects of health,
I agree with you, do your own research. You are (for the most part) in control of your own health.
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Blisdibly : Yes, because it works.
Get diagnosed, get information (i.e. will it clear on its own or does it need a prescription), get better.

Unless it's either something that seems off, the treatment doesn't work, or it's a very serious condition that's transparent to you- then you go get a second opinion.

And I don't believe in homeopathic medicine for the sole reason that the medicine they give you is just OTC medication diluted down about 20 times.
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maymnarcabyJG : YEA it depends on what kind of doctor if they look like they dont know what there doing i would ask for someone else now if they know what there doing and give you what you need to hear go with them new workers are CLUELESS
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irinapefraumenas : They went to school for eight years to learn all of this. If you don't want their advice, don't ask!
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abvc2r55 : i usually do, but my family is really smart about when they listen to doctors or not. Like, my grandparents and parents kno that pills are usually worthless, and cause problems, and they'll stop taking them even if they're not supposed to, and they'll feel better lol

but, i've learned not to trust doctors too. Last year, i pulled my back really bad, and our school's "trainer" who was a physical therapist told me to do stretching every day. When, in reality, the last thing you're supposed to do when you first pull a muscle is to stretch. I had a pulled back for 2 months thanks to that guy.

however, now, i'm an expert at pulled back muscles. I've pulled my back since then, and i can get myself back into shape within 5 days, while if i listened to that guy, it'd be 60
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RoaltGall : Of course not!
It's MY body, I know it better! I LIVE here!
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lwilliamb : Well I do trust my doctor, I mean ive been to a few over the years and my current is by far the best. Hes very true to the job. But with that, I wouldn't believe everything said and would have to go with my gut instinct when i feel its right. I mean that's why we have it right? sure few years back with a different doctor i was given an inhaler for a cough i had,which i started but soon stopped. Went back a while later and he told me to take more of the inhaler,which i didn't. And he said it yet again the third time, which is when i stopped seeing him. If i kept taking such high amounts of the inhaler he suggested, id probably be dependant on them today, so im glad i didn't listen.
I don't always but i do take on their judgment and opinion, i mean it is their profession after all.
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kayattsag : I wouldn't accept what a doctor says just because they are a doctor, but rather if they seem like they know what they are saying, and then only because they have the knowledge (or should anyways)
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konwo724 : Depends what it is and how honest the doc is. I once had one who admitted to me that I knew more about vitamins and nutrition than he did because it was a half day lecture at uni! On rare diseases they don't get time to read it up and only come across 1 case in their lifetime of work so the patient or family reads up the internet and end up knowing more than the doc. It's not their fault that is the case. They worked very hard for many years studying and revising for difficult exams and we should respect that commitment. If you need an operation I'd rather trust the qualified surgeon than a butcher! Older docs know more coz they've been working longer and experienced more. Young ones know all the latest stuff that the older guys are out of date on now.

The docs I've known personally (socially) were good kind commited people who really did care about their patients and wanted only the best for them.
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