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lodcacuulaJar : I am 21 yrs old and have been married for 3yrs. I have a two year old. My husband and I have very well paying jobs. We are not rich but we are doing fairly well. My family as in: mom, brothers, and aunts, have always made bad career and money management decisions. They constantly beg and barrow funds from however will lend them. This never bothered me growing up, but now that I have a life of my own, they all have turned to me for financial assistance.Im at my wits end of letting them barrow money( which they never pay back) I feel so bad because my husband comes from a completely different back ground with strong family relations, so he could never tell my family no.. An yet I feel guilty every time I begin to tell them "no". What can I do to stop this vicious cycle?

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Yopemrlde : Avoid contact with them.
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Mobfabybrirty : say no, they'll get the message
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carliferates : There is a ton of information out there on Say No Without Feeling Guilty.
Do a web search and then do some reading. You do now owe it to anyone to keep them financially afloat especially when they cannot manage money and you have a family to take care of. All this money you are giving away could be your childs college money. Learn what priorities are.
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Emaimiply : Is This A Good Makeup, Hair, Jewelry And Outfit For The First Day Of School?!

Outfit: Red Skinny Jeans, White Crochet Top, White Tank top Under Shirt, Leopard Flats

Makeup: Light Pink Lip gloss, Concealer, Mascara

Hair: Loose Waves With Half Up Half Down Hair With A Mini Bow In The Back

Jewelry: Initial Necklace " J", Mini Pearl Earrings

Nail Polish: OPI Nail Polish Its A Goldish Pink Color!

Really Need Suggestions Thx! BTW: I Am Not Trying To Hard I Just Want People To Have A Good
Impression Of Me Lol Thx In Advance!
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abyy1319 : OMG that is such a cute outfit!!! Yes totally wear it!!! :)
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goodevry11 : Why are you asking? Your impression sounds great
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Jervedriple : i got my ear pierced with a gun on sunday and i use rubbing alcohol to clean them. today my mom said i have to turn them but im scared how do i do it? please help
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Yfevikh : You should turn them. It not only keeps them from getting crud (it breaks it up), it'll help it heal. In my experience, if you don't turn them, it' makes the piercing too tight in the future. Rotating them stretches them a little bit so it's easier to get earrings in.
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zexZeffouse : You should turn them so that the earring doesn't get caked with crud so that you give the piercing an even stretch (not drastically so that it hurts).
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