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CadnerI : I mean we all know EVERY Middle East country hates Israel, yet Americans give billions of American tax dollars to Israel every year (even though their economy is sinking), for WHAT exactly? I know Saudi Arabia have oil, fair enough, but why Israel? Doesn’t Americans know that even the Taliban which used to be a US ally (funded through the ISI) began to turn against the US due to its unconditional support for Israel? There’s a reason why countries like Sweden/Switzerland did not get a 9/11.

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flazyzotreart : People feel it is their Christian obligation.
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ClivaCinE : So we should not support them just because terrorists hate them? Do you have no principles?
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Daudiodia : Is This A Good Makeup, Hair, Jewelry And Outfit For The First Day Of School?!

Outfit: Red Skinny Jeans, White Crochet Top, White Tank top Under Shirt, Leopard Flats

Makeup: Light Pink Lip gloss, Concealer, Mascara

Hair: Loose Waves With Half Up Half Down Hair With A Mini Bow In The Back

Jewelry: Initial Necklace " J", Mini Pearl Earrings

Nail Polish: OPI Nail Polish Its A Goldish Pink Color!

Really Need Suggestions Thx! BTW: I Am Not Trying To Hard I Just Want People To Have A Good
Impression Of Me Lol Thx In Advance!
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carliferates : OMG that is the cutest outfit!!! Totally wear it!!!
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theomarttes12ezr : listen here cupcake

everyone goes to school looking like their best for the first day.

what you need is a strategy, not fashion advice.

wait till the start of your second week and slowly start dressing like you care.

when the dudes notice you slowly getting hotter, they are gonna lose interest in all the chicks that have looked the same since day 1.

you should feel blessed that my advice is free.
p.s. i love you
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pozycjeswe : I have 6 tattoos, but going for my first piercing (well, my ear lobes were pierced, but that was a long time ago, lol). I've considered a nose piercing off and on for about 2 years, and finally decided to get it. So before I go in this Friday to have it done, I do have a concern: metal boogers. I don't want to look like I have a metal booger in my nose if the end is sticking out, haha. Are there other kinds of nose studs the piercer could put in that wouldn't look like that? Are there any straight ones like earrings? Please be kind and post any input you have about this, I'm clueless about piercings. Thanks!
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Frietteve : 1:,732206383#






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bhzmkxkljdul : well it looks like she really likes wolfs and if you really like her and think that she feels the same way then get the first one because its got two wolfs on it that look happy.
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viczont : start up company looking for us jewelry manufacturer of wholesale custom stainless steel bracelets.. start up company looking for us jewelry manufacturer of wholesale custom stainless steel bracelets.
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