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UUVUV : I'm 16 about to join my school's sixth form; i'm looking for a part time job, to help fund me and just for some extar spending money. As EMA is no longer avilable. I need to find a part-time job kind of quick. i've hand my CV out in many stores and i've treid Mc Donalds as everyone does when their 16. I was just wondering if anybody has any suggestions ?

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Joseph Qk : Is This A Good Makeup, Hair, Jewelry And Outfit For The First Day Of School?!

Outfit: Red Skinny Jeans, White Crochet Top, White Tank top Under Shirt, Leopard Flats

Makeup: Light Pink Lip gloss, Concealer, Mascara

Hair: Loose Waves With Half Up Half Down Hair With A Mini Bow In The Back

Jewelry: Initial Necklace " J", Mini Pearl Earrings

Nail Polish: OPI Nail Polish Its A Goldish Pink Color!

Really Need Suggestions Thx! BTW: I Am Not Trying To Hard I Just Want People To Have A Good
Impression Of Me Lol Thx In Advance!
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Nazartymn : id do regular jeans instead, otherwise its an adorable outfit:)
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jellettmictez : I would do red lips and white nails. But other than that it's perfect! :)
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gerceWedy : Looks good, glad you're not caking the makeup on. Make sure you're not too colorful tho, don't wanna scare them off lol.
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uphoxottose : I am 13 years old and going into grade 8 and I need an outfit for the first day of school. My style is classy and elegant but casual. I don't plan to wear a dress or skirt but good suggestions would help.

Any ideas will be appreciated. No rude comments please. Thanks in advance! :)
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Chesforse : Set your budget and go to the mall with either your mom or bf go to your favorite store and few other ones and try on lots of clothes. Maybe a stylish pants and a shirt with embroidered design? Make sure it's comfy
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attinkMatrerm : take a couple bucks and hit the mall. if you don't plan on buying and want to wear from your current wardrobe go for high wasted jeans with a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. you'll look preppy and classy without over doing it. or the high wasted jeans and a cute tank top tucked in. you could also just buy this outfit if you don't have any high wasted jeans. you could wear black pants with a jean button down shirt (but keep it open and have som kind of graphic or plain tee under) try to expiriment with your clothes and see what you may like.
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wegeillisee : wear a pretty lace top (whatever color) with white shorts or jeans depending on the weather but if they are shorts, choose almost pleated looking ones not distressed ones and you could wear some cute sparkley/pearly/pastel flats and if you want to dress it up a little add some rose gold jewelry (nothing big, just earrings and a braclet at the most). you could also pair the white shorts with a cute peplum top. if you wear makeup, adding a cute light pink or nude lipstick will add some color and make you look more classy so to speak.
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zakladykliczko : I'm trying to figure out how to help you. Casual is not usually elegant but it can be classy. Seems like a dress would be what you want. Otherwise, how about a blouse with a nice pair of dress pants and heels?
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