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LinuraGamtova : US contributes 22%, while China only give 3%?

WHY? We're in debt, they're not!
What was the "League of Nations" incident?
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jeneIncizeped : Because we're basically in charge of it.
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Cleascacy : The UN is worthless we shouldn't be paying them anything.
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Biaralitalp : for aesthetic purposes

we should pull out of that anti american club
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hypermiska : because the USA is stupid i personally think we should remove ourselves from the UN
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squidoooo : Because without the US, there would be no credence given to the UN whatsoever, as proven by the whole "League of Nations" incident after WW1.
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Djoninsowdend : US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.
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Miztiessy : Because we are......and continue to be the Worlds Big Sucker.
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BadBobbiehui : The US supports the UN for many reasons most of them moral but even if is is just because peace is so much cheaper than war it is a great deal for the US. If the UN avoids a couple of wars a decade we are getting a good deal for our money.
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bestkunmaza : Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
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