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AVodartDUTAS : I'm in a complicated situation, I ended my 4 year relationship but me and my ex still love each other. I moved in with him in his country but after almost 2 years of living here I still couldn't feel at home and we also had relationship issues (which can be settled if we want to.)

I had a hard time finding a job here because I still need to learn the language which will take me quite a lot of time. Now I have opportunity to pursue the studies and career I want, a business, a house since I'll be funded by a company of a successful relative if I go back in my country or fly to America.

I'm already going back home and me and my ex will take time and figure out our feelings, but we still do love each other. I just need my working life back. Should I stay with him (it could be great if only i have a job) or continue to take the opportunity offered? It's really painful to leave him :(
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itatuilmelf : I received a necklace as a gift a while ago and I have been trying to find some background on it. It's from the line Madeira Creations. It's a hammered metal chain with turquoise stones and a pendant that hangs from the bottom that looks like arms with hands kind of wrapping around a turquoise stone. It's costume jewelry, that much I know, but I can't seem to find much else about it. If anyone has anything to contribute, it is much appreciated! Thank you so much!!
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LFsonia :

also what jewellery to wear?
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MerSorpornart : purple heels and big earrings and silver bracelet x
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Jeojeryceby : Black, dark shade of blue, white and if you want to stand out a hot pink.

Put each one on and walk around your room. Get a mirror and see which one suits your body, skin and dress <3
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Jeniferxfs, : gold heels and big gold earrings, and a small gold necklace. maybe some bangles on the wrist
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lolowsNem : Shoes:
Definitely hot pink, neon pink, or neon orange. If not possible black, silver, or white pumps will work too.

Diamond dangles or studs would look really cute or gold hoops (earrings) bangles to match the color of your shoes (bracelet) and a cute and simple silver or gold necklace that doesn't have any charms or anything, only the chain
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Sophia288 : I've been searching eBay for the past hour trying to find the beads I'm looking for. I'm trying to get a mix colored lot of little jewels that are diamond shaped. They can be made of plastic, I'm not looking for anything expensive just little jewels that catch the light. I'm filling treasure chest pendants with them so they have to be small. It doesn't have to be on eBay either, that's just where I normally buy my stuff. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it!
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Edillcelf : I'm a guy who wears diamond studs, but I also ride a motorcycle. I always lose a butterfly whilst wearing my helmet n even some times a stud. So anyway I was thinking of wearing a silver hoop earring but I don't want people to think I'm a skater or a grunger or even a goth. Wot do u think?
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