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renceAnefly : I have a wireless router, and a wireless 360 controller. Is there any way I can use the router to pick up the signal from my controller in order to use it on my PC? I know that there is a wireless receiver for the PC that Microsoft makes and sells specifically for the wireless controllers, however, I'm am without the funds to procure one at the moment. Any way around this?

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robertslopezg : No, it is not possible. The only way is with the wireless receiver. You could buy a wired USB controller, but that would cost more than the wireless receiver...
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2qot54rt74o : the pc should connect without the aid of any object, but if it does not connect normally try to get a Bluetooth adapter for the pc, i think thats what xbox controllers use, research the connection online.
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songfeng103 : Is This A Good Makeup, Hair, Jewelry And Outfit For The First Day Of School?!

Outfit: Red Skinny Jeans, White Crochet Top, White Tank top Under Shirt, Leopard Flats

Makeup: Light Pink Lip gloss, Concealer, Mascara

Hair: Loose Waves With Half Up Half Down Hair With A Mini Bow In The Back

Jewelry: Initial Necklace " J", Mini Pearl Earrings

Nail Polish: OPI Nail Polish Its A Goldish Pink Color!

Really Need Suggestions Thx! BTW: I Am Not Trying To Hard I Just Want People To Have A Good
Impression Of Me Lol Thx In Advance!
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Brorgeauthore : U dont need to get all preppy over it. Just wear what ur proud of, or that you sponsor. Such as ur fav band tee, black jeans, ya know something tht u love and don't give a crap what others think bc this is ur life and ur proud of what u do, rather than hear others complain, and when u do as yelled, u get made fun of
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patiohortiere : It sounds like a pretty good outfit. Not over the top but still cute.

Good luck on the first day of school!
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Dizmeaxia : All of that sounds really cute ! It is a good outfit but I think some normal blue jeans I think the red is just too much ????
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shielaineshi : I really like it. red goes great with leopard! its perfect for your first day<3 goodluck!
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ekstab : High school girls are not supposed to wear makeup anyway.

Play with your hairstyle, draw attention to your face, because that's your best asset.
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Reommodeswaks : Geez!! A red, white, and blue skirt--REALLY??!! I mean what in the world can you do with something like that. Hmm-m...

What I would do is get a white oversize silicone band watch and maybe a red one too. I'd wear a hairband in the color of the watch and match my socks to the watch, too. I'd always wear navy blue shoes.

I wonder if they'd let you wear the white shirt layered over the blue or red polo if the shirt was buttoned up to just below the placket on the polo. You could spread the collar of the polo over the white shirt for a dif look. I wonder if they'd let you layer your socks also. You could wear red ones over white ones and cuff or scrunch the red ones down to show a bit of white.

If your hair is long enough, you could get a 1/2" satin ribbon in red, white, or blue and braid it into your hair in a french braid. You could tie a ribbon in a loose bow around a high curled ponytail and let the long tails of the ribbon hang down. And maybe you could get some tinted chapstick to wear. It's not like bold lipcolor or anything and it prevents chapped lips so that could be your reason for wearing it. For the stud earrings, I would try to find some with sparkle and also maybe wear some white pearl studs. Good luck!! : /
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