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Coapleestuato : I have a daughter who just turned 3 on 14th June 2008.

She is in the same school year for children born July 2007 - June 2008. She is going to playgroup in September because she did not get into a nursery school. The reason was that I am not on benefits. A person I know has a son 11 months older than my child and is on benefits and got in no bother at all! However I was told my child would had got in if I was on benefits regardless of being the youngest.

I have another daughter born November 2004 and she done one year in playgroup and one year in nursery before starting school and she was very alert and smart even in playgroup.

I think it's totally unfair that younger children and people that are not on benefits get second class treatment, I have to PAY £2000 pounds to put my child through playgroup for ONE YEAR! I cannot barely afford it and it's not worth my while working, my husband works though. It's unfair! I won't know if I get a funded place until September.

I fear my child will suffer badly being born near the cut off point an being with children 11 months older. She is very babyish for her age, she is smart but I look at older kids and think they are so much bigger. Everyone calls her a little fairy or doll cause she is small.

Where I live I have never heard of a child being put back a year or if parents can chose. I think it's not allowed, I don't know. I know that foreigners who can't speak English children are put back 2-4 years as I am friends with a few.

What would you do? And have you experienced this before? I am dreading it all. She is very petted on me and can interact with family but is very shy.
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taurfibra : All of my children that had close to the deadline birth dates waited to go to Kindergarten. Never really had a conflict with preschool. It was the smartest thing I could have done.
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Irretssturami : It's popular for parents to hold their kids back a year here. Kids are 1 year more mature for academics, and one year bigger and stronger and more coordinated for athletics. While it's not the norm everywhere, parents here are extremely competitive and that extra year is worth having them home.

My son is a May birthday and he's completely ready for school both academically and socially, even though I know there will be kids almost a year older than him in his classes. He'll just have to keep up.

As for your situation, go with your gut. If you think your kid needs another year with you, keep her back a year. It won't harm her.
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progressall : I wouldn't hold a child back for that reason, I was always the youngest in my year at school, our schools are set up differently but I have a birthday at end of the year and I never suffered by being the youngest in the class.
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Molinotuse : I tend to think if you are in doubt then hold the child back. As only positives things can be gained from holding a child back at an early age.

My parents held me back. The cut off dates was two and half weeks after my birthday. So I would literally been the youngest in my classes. It helped me quite a bit. Better to be a bit older than younger, especially if your child is a shy.

My in-laws didn't hold my brother in-law back initially. His birthday was two days before the cut off. And he ended up going to first grade twice, as his teacher didn't think he was mature enough to go to second grade. And it was helpful for him, but it would have been better if he had been held back earlier.
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DavidVH : So your daughter turned JUST turned three over 3 years ago? TROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOLOLOLOL
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nanadokilalo : Well they'll be much better in school that way. They'll have to play sports with the older kids though (because sports have their own age restrictions with NO exceptions)
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esyez044 : I think you are just whining to whine. Poor you. Children born in poverty already start off badly. That is why they give some added support if they qualify. Your child will be fine and will certainly not be BEHIND for not having been in nursery school. Find out from the school district what expectations they have for children the first year of school and make sure that your child knows these things.

I find it strange that they would hold back young foreign speaking children. I grew up in a town where half the town spoke Portuguese and none of those kids were held back solely because they spoke a foreign language when they started. After 2 years, nearly all would be speaking ordinary English AS WELL AS fluent Portuguese.
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preadledema : OMG that's so cute! Love it!!
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jaxgoasia : That sounds really cute but it's gonna take about 2-3 weeks for it to start (for me at least) and your overthinking this a little. 1st day isn't everything. There's just about 180 more.
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