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MusSmurnenusa : My original creditor was Aspire ( from my research), through researching further the account was sold to Dominion Law-a collection agency not really a law firm, then comes Midland Funding. My question is, does VA have a statue of limitation to creditors to report debt and if they sell the rights and title of the account (supposedly to Midland Funding) -what happens to the debt if collected to whom does it go to? The bank or the Midland? And for the folks already with critism-keep it to yourself. I feel like I have been a victim of fraud. Dominion Law and Midland represented who they really are and the judge seemed not to care ( he stated he did not go back) or just wanted to finalize this. But if I have concerns of fraud being played in this. I would think otherwise. But nonetheless I am left with the issue that the original creditor has opening to come back after me ( this was said by the Dominion Law rep) Why?
Please someone with actual knowledge of this situation, can I get some advice?

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VakemeeniaCam : Everything, from your story, seems that what they did was entirely legal. You need to pay off this debit. Be sure to keep a copy of the receipt clearing indicating that this payment clears the original debit from Aspire.
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Ìîêëàøèí : Actually from what you have said everything looks normal.

Your original creditor (Aspire) sold the account to Dominion who then sold it to Midland. Once a account is sold the original creditor has no rights to collect the debt, so you would owe Midland Funding.

As far as a S.O.L. for reporting that would be the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Federal law) which states derogatory accounts show for 7-years from the date of first delinquency which works out to 7-years and 180-days. Nothing but nothing resets this reporting date.
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marleroker : Nothing you have stated indicates "fraud" at all. Creditors do have the right (and DO) sell defaulted debts to third party collection agencies.
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suodi668 : Set with 39 diamonds that are 2.9mm each or .09 carats each. The deisgn is classic s link with a link of gold between each round brilliant cut diamond. The diamonds are graded at I-J color and SI1 clarity. The bracelet is 7 inches long, weighs 18 grams of solid 14K yellow gold.
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Anielavs0 : Indie

What is your favorite out of the listed. Please include your:
1) Age
2) Gender
3) Your favorite style (2 maximum, doesn't have to be in order)
4) Optional but preferred: Please include image link of the fashion next to the ones you listed

Example- My answers:
1) 14
2) Girl
3) Boho -
Girly -

Thanks in advance :)
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soilmvoma : Age:12
Style:preppy and classy
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suskorast : Gold/Beige:
or Gold/White:
(not the exact ones Im interesting in but same "colors" and its faux gold, not pure gold)

for summer, when wearing colors and when wearing gold/white jewelry. =3
I cant decide whether I should choose white or beige leather.
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plotolacy : i love the gold/beige one ..the second one is a little common
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mashikseli : 1. skinny jeans black rue 21 tank top with fringe at the botton and black rue 21 flip flops

2. black and white striped leggings with white and black crop top with white or black tank top underneath and white high tops from macy's. ( if u don't know what the leggings look like their kinda like the ones Lucy Hale wore on Pretty Little Liars)

3. skinny jeans red tank top with diamonds at the top from rue 21 and the same black flip flops.

4. white button down shirt with capris and gray rue 21 flip flops

5. black and white poka dot dress from target

6. gray tank top with white lace at the top from kohls and either white high tops or gray flip flops
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