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tatocuctuaply : I have three types of savings and I'm not sure if I should open an account for each?

Emergency fund - 4 months wages, but will be used for any other emergencies too.

Car/house - £60 a month is put in here to pay for house and car insurance which is paid annually, car service and any small car maintenance things.

Old age fund - money put in every month, in a high interest ISA.

Do you think I should consolidate the emergency and old age accounts? If I needed more than 4 months money I'd have to dip into the old age fund anyway?

Thanks :)
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FliesDigGense : I have a Neil Lane engagement ring
This ring has side diamonds I decided that I want just a very thin slim band to go with it. This way the side diamonds are not hidden. My question is with the engagement ring and style of band I want, do you think it would look good if the band was rose gold. If I did get the rose gold then for my anniversary band I would also get a rose gold band either the same or similar.
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kayattsag : I *love* the look of rose gold with white gold! I think that it looks elegant, romantic, and I love that it's a bit unexpected. Have you tried on rings at a local jewelry store so that you can see what they look like in person? Honestly, if you love the look that is all that matters.
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pacifikbad : Going with peridot jewelry for this years Christmas party. It's a formal event. I was considering a hunter green dress, but as I am fashion impaired I didn't know if that would go well together? Any thoughts?
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VaraTrurorb : Sure, hunter green would work or black with a lighter peridot green skinny belt to bring the jewelry color lower into the outfit. Dark blue might be pretty with the lighter peridot green also!! : }
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GokGlarlAbort : I'm going back to school August 8th (kill me now) and I'm going to be a freshman in high school. I live in Georgia so it's still very warm here, but the dress code prohibits shorts or tank tops, so that's out of the question. I have sort of a boho-indie look, but any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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victoriaeannyD : Don't wear anything too dressy, but look nice. Wear something classy. I too dress Indie and have throughout high school (I will be a senior this year). I'm wearing dark twill skinny pants and a semi-dressy top with flats or moccasins. For accessories, a sailboat necklace, pearl or diamond earrings, and a Michael Kors watch. Do your make-up pretty but natural looking. I usually wear foundation, loose powder, a little bit of blush, natural looking eyeshadow from the Urban Decay: Naked pallet, a tiny bit of eyeliner, mascara, light lip stain, and I fill in my eyebrows. It sounds like a lot of make up but when it's done you look naturally beautiful.

The most important thing to remember is dress how you like to dress, not how other people would like you to dress. Don't intentionally dress really weird (I made that mistake as a freshman). It doesn't make you look "indie" or "hipster", it makes you look like a poser. Just stay true to yourself.

By the way, after the first week you will most likely quit caring about how you look at school and so will everyone else.
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BusDrersUneni : She wants the diamond angled at a 45 degree angle, also called kite or diamond style. I cannot find this online at all, with the exception of some funky designs. Does this seem like a custom type setting?
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igoRaafkty : That's a difficult setting to find, especially in platinum. It shouldn't have to be custom made but that may be your only choice. The problem is that the current trend is for VERY traditional settings with the center stone surrounded by tons of tiny stones. They have a vintage look.

What your gf wants is a more modern, artistic kind of setting. I would find a local jewelry store with a bench jeweler who can make the ring exactly the way she wants it. I used to see the angled setting often but not any more. Good luck!! : /
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advoloSailm : It's not a very common setting type, but it can easily be done. If you find a setting that you like, contact the jewelry company to see if they will be willing to modify their setting for you to accommodate a kite set stone. If not, look for a jewelry store that is more flexible or one that specializes in custom designs. Just because a ring is custom, it does not mean it is going to be extremely expensive.
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