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rikesuiburnsc : I want to use the money from my 403B to start a business. That would require me taking money out of my 403B early, before retirement. What is the IRS tax penalty ?

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fivefingerslo : All retirement funds have the same penalty. 10% of you are not 59.5 years of age.
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corte2012 : The "penalty" itself is 10%.

However, this is on top of federal and state (if applicable) income taxes on the withdrawal.

Altogether, many people end up paying over 40% in taxes and penalties on early withdrawals when it is all done.
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harbour3730 : 10% penalty if you're under age 59-1/2, plus immediate payment of income tax on the withdrawal.
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robertslopezg : ok so i am going into 7th grade i want to know some of the trends and wats "in" please don't answer just be yourself! I want to know the fashion trends of small jewelry, what kind of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings would be in fashion now?
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ojeaciekre : His favorite color is black which one of the rings are black and he likes silver jewelry which both are but both also have a little bit of gold which he doesn't like that much but I can only pick between these two
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novaexate : I like the second one better :)
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sydney778 : I would definitely go with the second one!(: The first one is very nice and masculine, though. I like the gold design running through the middle and the way it looks against the black background. But the second option just seems a little more manly to me(: If he likes silver jewelry, he should love that ring(: It doesn't have as much gold as the other one, (you said he didn't like too much gold) and it's very masculine and strong-looking. It's just very strong and powerful looking which every guy likes(: I really hope I helped!(:
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Faceblate : Please nothing online, and I'm going to be a Freshman in High School, not college. So if you could make a list of things I need to get.

Example: 3 pairs of denim jeans
2 pairs of colored jeans

And add all the shirts and outerwear and stuff too please. Most detailed= best answer.
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loupleree : I'm not sure how many clothes you already have so I'm just going to assume you want a full wardrobe list. You can adjust this to fit your specific needs.

Tribal patterns
Peplum tops
Classic prints
Emerald green
Military-inspired clothing/looks

10 undershirts/camisoles/tank tops in neutral colors such as black, tan, brown, ivory and white
5 basic v-neck, scoop neck, etc. shirts in neutral colors such as black, white, navy, taupe and brown
5 basic v-neck, scoop neck, etc shirts in funs colors or whatever you prefer
10 casual shirts/graphic t's
3 printed casual tops
2 printed dressy tops
10 dressy tops(button up's, blouses, etc) in neutral and whatever colors you like
1 peplum top in a a neutral color(nude, black)
1 peplum top in a fun color
5 sweaters(or more if it gets cold where you live) in prints and whatever colors you like. Note; look for emerald green, tribal prints, and fall colors like navy and maroon

6 pairs of denim jeans in medium wash, light wash and dark wash
2 colored jeans in one fun color of your choosing and one neutral color
1 printed jean
2 shorts(if it's warm where you live) in dark wash, medium wash or light wash
1 black dress pant for special occasions

2 bodycon mini skirts in color or print of your choosing, I would suggest one being black
1 printed skater skirt
1 solid color skater skirt

1 maxi dress in print(stripes, classic prints) or in a solid color of your choosing
1 little black dress
1 knit sweater dress
1 skater dress in a fall color(maroon, navy, brown, mustard yellow, emerald green)

1 beige classic trench coat
1 winter coat, I would suggest a pea coat
1 Northface fleece jacket
2 pairs winter gloves
1 winter hat
2 winter scarves

5 fashion/lightweight scarves in prints or fun colors
10 fashion necklaces, go for bold statement pieces and one or two small classic pieces such as a silver necklace
5 bracelets
1 or 2 small rings

2 pairs of toms in one print and one neutral color
1 pair vans or converse
1 pair combat boots
1 pair Uggs
2 pairs flats
1 riding boot
1 heel bootie

Hope I helped. Happy shopping! :)
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