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KiseTrespoots : We have just been approved by the Australian auDA to start a Non-Profit Charity Organisation to help provide fresh food and drinking water to the homeless throughout Australia.

We first thought of the idea of rising funds and then approaching major supermarkets to double our dollar, food wise, but we are now unsure of this.

Can anyone provide other ways to which we can raise funds to help feed the Homeless?
something like selling 'Charity Food Boxes' to the public to which 100% of the profits are used to feed the homeless.

Can you think of another ways to help raise funds on an ongoing basis?
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Uristtraift : So fall is coming, could somebody tell me how to know the leading fashion of earrings? Now I want to pick one for myself, any suggestions?
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ArridoNop : is now a good time to buy silver jewellery. is now a good time to buy silver jewellery
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abicerteriuro : Im going to the mall saurday to get some back to school footwear and I have decided to get a new pair of the mens classic short UGG boots. Last weekend I tried on a pair at Journeys and they are really comfortable. Im stuck between getting the mens black or the mens chestnut color. Most people dont know or realize that the classic short and tall boots were strictly a guy thing in the 1970's when UGG boos came to America. If a girl was wearing a pair of UGG boots they were most likey her boyfriends UGG boots being worn as a symbol she was "taken" or "going steady" with a guy just like when girls wear a guys school jacket or school ring.(see:uggaustralia/history).

What color should I get ? black or chestnut? another color ? (see;

*no haters or "gay" comments either. footwear does not determine ones sexual preferences. the classic short and tall UGG boots have always been a mens boot until girls started to wear them making them a unisex boot.
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UCMatthew : Get a neutral color, like chestnut or grey since it will go with a lot of outfits:) I would avoid black, because since it's a fun different shoe, I'd get a different color

Have fun shopping!
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Memzentee : If your older, get Chestnut color. If your young get black.
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alusEsmadohal : I am dating someone, and we've been going out for about a month or so. He surprised me with these beautiful diamond earrings. The following night I was on his Facebook and I noticed that his ex girlfriend received earrings as well. I scroll down a lot more and his ex wife (they've been broken up for about 6 months) took a picture of the same earrings he gave me and was thanking him for them. Should I be mad, and maybe worried that he's been giving all of this girlfriends the same pair of earrings?
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Enrinueexpess : Well he's your guy... Right?? Is he dating these other girls or you?? Think about that!!?? .. Do you like that he's giving the the same thing... I personally do not think this is right.. tell him about it tell him you don't like that!! Or break up with him you deserve better if he's doing that
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Cheapebak : Most guys feel lost when it comes to pleasing women with jewelry so if they hit on something that one girl likes, they will usually repeat it. Not because he's lumping you in with all other girls but just because he wants to please you. I wouldn't obsess about it.

If you want something more unique for Christmas or whatever, give him some hints about exactly what you'd like. But still wear the earrings because he just wanted to please you with them!! : }
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acestirrermaf : If you want something more unique for Christmas or whatever, give him some hints about exactly what you'd like
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