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ExannaMaf : I live in Michigan and i just activated my card yesterday. I need to know when i can get out or use the money. Both of the days where they said the money will be in my acct passed already. (9th and 19th) so i didn't get a chance to even activate it those two days because i just got the card in the mail yesterday and its currently the 22nd. So like will they still put my funds in my acct because I'm so confused so PLEASE help! Thanks in advance and please no rude comments.

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Jeromenoblejl : So could somebody tell us that where to buy small fashion earrings? So could somebody suggest somewhere to buy now?
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esyez028 : Okay, I'm looking to have a custom ring made for my girlfriend.

I want it to be made out of onyx with rubies in it, I've been looking but I'm having trouble finding any ring makers that make rings that aren't made with Diamonds, or made of gold/silver.

I live in the US but I'm willing to pay for overseas shipping if I have too to get this ring.
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Prurbadeora : Yes
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AntetaMap : He bought is from Wanelo, he sent me a picture of it and it's absolutely GORGEOUS, but I'm scared it'll be a fake metal one that turns bronze and makes your finger green. I want to keep it as long as we're together. It's NOT a promise ring, it's just as a gift.
I'm very greatful! I just would love to keep it forever, and keep it in good condition :)
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Torrentyzadarmo : If it starts to turn your finger, clean it and then coat with several coats of clear nail polish on the inside. Redo every month or so and you should be fine.
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Steelioth : It's the thought that counts. Just be grateful that your boyfriend buys you a gift. Not all boys are like that.
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Arrilbotono : Pain this inside with clear nail polish.
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Quamserorse : Ok, so i recently found, a gold ring with a ruby in the center, and two diamonds next to the ruby. The gold says 18ct, and i would like to know how much it can sell for? I have no idea and need some help please. Also the diamonds seems to be real and the ruby i have no idea haha
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joncooperst : Perhaps you should put more effort into finding who it actually belonged to.
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