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Plaidedem : I currently work full time, but I want to start moonlighting a legitimate IT consulting business. I will be bootstrapping the business, running out of my home, and will not be taking out any loans. This business will be funded with my own cash. I expect pretty low revenues the first year since I will be doing this part time starting out. Should I still form an LLC, or would I be OK to start as a sole propietor.

My thoughts are that once the business picks up and I'm making some money, I can form an LLC or incorporate at that point.

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hermesho : When things get really busy and you're running around everywhere making lots of money, then you'll deal with the state bureaucracy and fill out stupid forms to get your LLC going...

Or, when you have time like now because business is slow you will set up your LLC....
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jqo8z53fe : Difference between Sole Proprietorship and LLC
A sole proprietor owns an unincorporated business that is not registered with the state unlike a corporation. There is very little government regulation since it is not a separate legal entity. The proprietor is entirely responsible for the debts and the assets of the company and reports business income as personal income. Although, unlimited liability is a distinct disadvantage, a sole proprietorship is not taxed at the entity level for the simple reason that it is not considered a separate legal entity!

A limited liability company (LLC) enables entrepreneurs to combine the limited liability feature of a corporation with the single taxation feature of a sole proprietorship. Unlike a sole proprietorship, that is established by an individual, a limited liability company can be formed by one or more members. The members may be individuals, corporations, other LLCs or foreign entities. The interest or the share of the members in the company is expressed in percentage.
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pletcherppg : Could somebody tell me where to buy fashion small earrings? I hope the price would be cheap and valuable, many thanks.
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bypxlnline : The only places I know always sell them ate Icing and Claire's. I'm not big fans of the stores, but I know I can always buy feather earrings from them. I believe Forever 21 occasionally hold them. C:
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Maccullam :|2874784215
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abyy1319 : I'm not a fan of the colour choice but I like the idea of them
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goodevry11 : Ring is looking pretty but I prefer diamond ring only.
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HonsjoriAcino : Did you notice that the Unit Price is US $2.4 - 2.64 / Piece and that you must purchase a Lot of 10 pieces for the wholesale price? Do you actually need 20 rings? My only other comment is that the colors are rather garish.
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HonsjoriAcino : My ring is an infinity ring and i want it to stay on my finger but I don't wanna cut it at all
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