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Jervedriple : So, if opening a savings account can help me with towards obtaining future credit (with me having bad credit), what criteria are they looking for? How much i have in my savings account? Or how often i put funds into my savings account?
thank you, i have tried lots of dirrerent avenues of obtaining credit, as i had an insolvency 2 year ago and even tried VANQUIS to try and get a credit card via them, specifically for people wanting to rebuild their credit, and have been turned down all over.... i just want something, 1 thing to start helping me build it again. Something where i can make regular payments to, to show how good i am at making my payments. But i cant even get started. I have no debt what so ever now, just my usual utlility outgoings (gas, elec, water) etc.
There has got to be something people can do to start over again. Understandably i know insolvencies stay on your credit report for 6 years. But for people like me, who are now in a position to make regular payments, there has got to be some kind of ladder to start again? My monthly income is around £1500 per month. My monthly outgoings are the following; £425 per month rent and approx £250 for household bills, which still leaves me; £825 spare money per month (i.e. to use to pay towards loands/credit cards etc).

I have tried my bank, but they cant help. I have no overdraft at bank. No other debt what so ever, just my household outgoings. I have tried to obtain a basic credit card (i.e. VANQUIS) purposely for people wanting to rebuild their credit. I have a savings account, which i am now going to try and put regular amounts in to see if this makes a difference (not that i know how credit companies would know about that). I am also going to put a notification on my credit file
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Shetry : A savings account will not help your credit. Something where you borrow money and pay it back will help. Credit Cards, Loans, Buying a Car, stuff like that.

I needed credit fast, so what i did was take a small loan out from the bank, and used it to pay it back. It was a totally pointless thing to do , but it earned me a lot of good credit in a short amount of time.
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trelfHexrurry : No. A savings account does nothing to show your credit-worthiness
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KenGepeinsuts : So I travelled to Vietnam recently and got a beautiful diamond ring there for around $4,000 US dollars on my last day there. I was wearing it just so it wouldn't get lost in all the stuff that I was packing and on the flight home, I noticed that one of the tiny diamonds on the band had fallen out! I feel like it'd be a lot of hassle to ship it back to the jeweler just to get it replaced so I was wondering how much would a local jewelry store charge for replacing it? Or would they replace it at all?
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effirtyAttisy : maybe they'd replace it. but don't get jewelry from asian countries they're almost always cheap quality and i bet the diamond wasnt even real.
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Gofmeagogam : They probablywould, you'd have to go in and ask how much they'd charge.
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ivilus : hey friend,
first of all you travel led to vietnam SO COOL well that's cause im in a mun and i got vietnam. lets come back to the topic- say you want a real one or fake im just telling you any one will replace it you just need the money so how did ya like the diamond hope it not rare or your gonna have to buy one more.

your fashion Friend
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joelkins : It is not as expensive as you might imagine to get lost stones replaced. It might even be covered by your insurance. My wife's ring was repaired by a jeweller in Hatton Garden, London - a specialist jewellery quarter with dozens of jewellers to choose from.
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LixZipLiemy : I have a necklace on a danecraft italy necklace, it has a pentant with an opal has 3 diamonds in it and says BH 14kt and I dont know who made it. My mom left it to me when she passed away. Help
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kimmurphyo : Beverly Hills Jewelers
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