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malopivva : Is it safe to invest in mutual fund using SIP? What are the advantage of it?

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koaggezhhfxo : Mutual fund investment is always safe , specially when you invest in SIP
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lialpinsamy : find pandora jewelry for good prices. find pandora jewelry for good prices
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KneermaWarf : Amazon
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ozrf4332 : The Pandora jewelry is very expensive and if you realy want to buy ,you can google the "cheap pandora jewelry", there are many online sites for you. But I like this, and I think this matches your demand. This is a pandora jewellery website, there are so many cheap jewellery and charms.
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pletcherzbd : My cousin found a ring in the dirt. How do we tell if it's real gold and diamond? It's pretty dull...It would be embarrassing going to a jewelry place and have them tell you it's a fake.
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zratxhvm : Wear it for an entire day & when you take it off if theres a green ring left on your finger, its fake
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GaDGdum : Just go to a jeweler they get people with fake jewelry in there all the time
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fivefingerslt : Okey i was bought ring for myself like i said,
Now my question is on which hand and which finger i should wear it?
I'm 19 years old, unmarried, not engaged, and of course I love the girls.
Ring which was i buy for me is for no reason, i just like it..

Sorry for my bad english,
Thank you in advance.
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xseooneku : You could wear it on the hand u use the most eg;I'm right handed and I would wear the ring on my right hand on my middle finger so it doesn't look like I'm married
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